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ButtonClick Admin Podcast: Tal & Amber are a Cloud for Good

This episode of the ButtonClick Admin podcast features Amber Boaz and Tal Frankfurt of Cloud for Good!

As we have heard in previous podcasts working with non-profits is a great way for an Admin to hone their skills. But how do non-profits use Salesforce? We find out it’s a variety of ways from tracking trees in San Francisco to dogs. Amber gives us great insight into just how important the mobile movement is for non-profits who work in their community and need to have their members connected. Considering the big push to mobile that Salesforce is making this is exciting news!

We also get some very valuable tips for non-profits about setting up and maintaining a Salesforce org- such as “Document, Document, Document! When in doubt- document!”

Tal gives us his 1 tip for non-profits at Dreamforce. And for those looking to get started Cloud for Good has a non-profit 101 pack on the Appexchange –

You can connect with Tal and Cloud for Good on twitter at @Cloud4Good, and Amber is @Amber9904.

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.