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Enterprise Nonprofit Success with the NPSP

Enterprise-level nonprofits using or thinking of using Salesforce should strongly consider implementing the Nonprofit Success Package. This post details many of the reasons it is an excellent product for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

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Finding a Trusted Advisor

When you hire a consultant to help you with your Salesforce implementation, you’re hiring them because you have a problem you need help with whether it being moving from another system to Salesforce or working to enhance your existing Salesforce instance. It is important to find a trusted advisor, not an order taker.

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Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) Data Importer Tool Deep Dive

Does the thought of migrating data make you want to run screaming? Is your organization using the NonProfit Starter Pack (NPSP)? Do you have data you need to migrate into Salesforce? Fear not System Administrator, the fabulous team over at the Salesforce Foundation has created a tool to help, the NPSP Data Importer tool. This tool is designed to allow you to migrate Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities to the NPSP. Let’s take a deep dive in to see how the tool works.

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On the Front Lines of Social Responsibility

On a recent Monday morning, instead of my usual routine of managing my team of consultants in implementing Salesforce with our clients, I had the privilege of experiencing a local nonprofit’s work first hand. Thanks to Cloud for Good’s Social Responsibility Program I was able to take Volunteer Time Off and along with my 10-year-old son who was off from school, volunteer our time to help disabled people in other parts of the world get access to life-changing wheelchairs and other assistive devices.

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Handling Anonymous Donors With Salesforce

Respecting a donor’s request for anonymity is critical to your relationship with your donors but your organization should retain the donor’s name and contact information when available so that if the donor asks for tax documentation you can provide that and maintain accurate donation records in Salesforce.

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