By Tal Frankfurt

This blog post is part of the “Apps for Good Webinars” where awesome AppExchange providers like Click and Pledge, Conga,  and FormAssembly will demo their applications and how nonprofit and educational organizations can use them to collect online donations, integrate with Google Apps, or create online forms. Register for future webinars here.

Auctions for Salesforce- Auctions Management for Your Fundraising Event

Auctions for Salesforce helps staff manage all the information related to an auction. It tracks tickets, sponsorships, donations, the bundling of donations into auction items, purchases, and handles Check In & Check Out at the event.

Recorded Webinar:

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Tal Frankfurt

Tal Frankfurt

One response to “Webinar: Auctions for Salesforce

  1. It’s true sοme organizations агe moгe streamlined оr receptive
    thаn others, but wіthout thе due diligence nеcessary to
    ensure уour big idea is the right οne tο bе executed, yοur
    battle could be lost bеfore it’s even begun. This is usually bеst for smaller committees.
    Auction house policies сan diffeг when it cοmes to these reserves.

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