Fund Raising

Leveraging NPSP’s Employer Gift Match Functionality to Take Your Fundraising to the Next Level

We all know that managing matching gifts can be a frustrating process for nonprofits, but it is becoming a far simpler and more worthwhile endeavor. The new version of NPSP offers great features for tracking these gifts, and nonprofits are given a new tool in managing this potential revenue stream. In this blog post I will go over how to access and then leverage this feature!

Open Source, Open Hearts: Sprinting for the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP)

Cloud for Good had the opportunity to send two of our team members to participate in the second ever Nonprofit Starter Pack Sprint (#NPSPsprint). A room full of people gathered from all over the USA and Canada for two days with one common purpose - to volunteer their skills and experience to make the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) more accessible and more effective for nonprofit organizations all over the world.


Account Models in NPSP Added to Nonprofits 101

We are continuing to add to and update our Nonprofits 101 manual - the Salesforce user manual for nonprofit organizations. This article will over what account models are in the Nonprofit Starter Pack, how they work, and why it's important to pick one that works for your organization and stick with it.


Grants Management in NPSP 3.0 Added to Nonprofits 101

We are in the process of updating and adding to our Nonprofits 101 manual - the Salesforce user manual for nonprofit organizations. We recently added an article around Grants Management in NPSP 3.0. A sneak peek of this article and a link to the manual on the AppExchange are included in this post.

Upcoming Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) 3.0 Upgrade Webinar

The NPSP 3.0 is a set of managed packages installed on Salesforce to customize the platform for some common nonprofit use cases. It is the most current version of the Nonprofit Starter Pack, and it has some key improvements and new features compared to the previous version, the NPSP 2.0. A key feature of the NPSP 3.0 is that it automatically receives updates from the Salesforce Foundation, meaning that new functionality is added to your instance without needing to install new packages. Furthermore, the older NPSP packages are no longer supported by the Salesforce Foundation and no longer receive updates. Upgrading to the NPSP 3.0 means your package will remain current and as new features are released to improve the user experience, you will receive them!