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PCI Compliance: Why You Should Know What This Means

The Payment Card Data Industry Security Standard - PCI Standard for short - is a baseline of technical and operational requirements to help you protect your constituents data and your organization from liability. It applies to you if you at any point store, process, or transmit card-holder data or other sensitive personal information.

Best Practices

Stages of CRM Adoption

Through my work as a Salesforce consultant I believe there are three key levels or “energy states” an organization can potentially occupy. They run from low-adoption, low-efficiency, up to high adoption and high efficiency. A key indicator of where your organization might be revolves around the use of reports. Let’s explore that a bit and learn more about these three states.

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Before You Build the House: Preparing to Implement Salesforce

Start with a budget! With Salesforce, a lot of functionality is available right “out of the box” for the base price. There are some things, like automation and integration, that potentially add line items (and thus, dollars) to the budget - you’ll need to decide whether you can afford those items up front, or whether you can continue some processes manually while you allocate budget to add those on later. Or, you might prioritize some apps, and decide you don’t really need the others at all.

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Seeing vs Doing: Understanding Learning Styles for Successful Training

Identifying learning styles among your users doesn’t need to involve having each user take a quiz or survey. You can likely identify some personality traits or tendencies that indicate one or several learning styles by simply getting to know a person. Making an effort to appeal to different learning styles in your training sessions and training materials could be a game changer for you and your end users.