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The Salesforce economy is booming, and so are the number of reputable employers looking to hire top talent to manage their Salesforce platform. However, landing your first job can be difficult when employers are expecting their candidates to have hands-on experience and relevant Salesforce certifications. Cloud for Good is here to help close that skills gap with Talent for Good. 

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Talent for Good - Salesforce Expereince Leads to Competitive Salaries

About Talent for Good

Talent for Good helps you jumpstart your career by providing you with experience, mentorship, and training within the Salesforce ecosystem through our paid apprenticeship program.

Once you join a Talent for Good cohort, you will be onboarded as a Cloud for Good employee, be paid from day one, and receive access to our robust benefits, including health, vision, and dental coverage.

As a Talent for Good apprentice, you will undergo an immersive training program and, upon completion, be assigned to work with one of our great clients for the remainder of your apprenticeship, during which you will receive support through mentorship and training.

At the end of your apprenticeship, you will have many career options. The intention is that you and your client have enjoyed working together and that you transition to be a full-time direct employee of your client.

“Our Talent for Good program will accelerate your Salesforce career, paving the way for you to earn a six-figure salary while working with mission-driven organizations and joining an award-wining great place to work.”

Tal Frankfurt, Founder and CEO, Cloud for Good

benefits of talent for good

Learn About the World’s #1 CRM Platform

Salesforce is the most in-demand CRM tool and the third-most in-demand technology skill. You will receive the experience and certification employers are seeking to fill their Salesforce roles.

Salary + Benefits from Day 1

As a Cloud for Good employee, you’ll experience our competitive benefits and salaries.



Gain Experience in the Nonprofit + Education Industries

Develop knowledge and skills for a deeper understanding of the nonprofit and higher education industries.

Build Your Professional Network

Establish relationships and work with the best in the industry, with the potential for future job placement at Cloud for Good customers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Talent for Good (TFG) is Cloud for Good’s paid apprenticeship program. The program provides full-time employment for career-starters and career-changers looking to build a Salesforce career and includes relevant training and certification preparation, on-the-job experience with clients, and on-going mentorship.

There is no cost associated with Talent for Good. Program participants will be full-time employees of Cloud for Good, and will be paid a salary and benefits through the duration of the apprenticeship. Talent for Good apprentices earn a $50,000 salary during the initial training phase (3 months) and upon successful completion of training, bump to $60,000. Further increases are dependent on role and performance.

Talent for Good is an apprenticeship program, not an internship program. Apprentices are full-time employees who receive salary and benefits, compared to interns who are typically short-term hires without guaranteed full-time employment offers.

Talent for Good provides comprehensive on-the-job Salesforce training, consulting training, and experience. It is a great fit for those without relevant prior work experience or a four-year degree. However, it is recommended that applicants familiarize themselves with Salesforce and the typical administrator skills to understand the ecosystem and the role to best articulate what transferable skills and experiences they bring to the position. Talent for Good will provide the training to master these skills, but candidates should demonstrate an eagerness to commit to this career path and an aptitude for learning.  

Talent for Good cohorts range from 8-20 apprentices, which provides the opportunity for collaborative group learning as well as individual time and mentorship.

Talent for Good participants will learn Salesforce system administration and will become certified System Administrators within the initial training phase of the apprenticeship. Apprentices will also learn the higher education and nonprofit industries, including organizational strategies, general operating principles, and common Salesforce tech stacks for these. In addition, apprentices will be given the skills necessary for Salesforce consulting, including best practices for consulting methodology, implementing, and supporting Salesforce for clients. Apprentices must achieve a second Salesforce certification within 6 months. Most Select the Business Analyst certification which aligns with our training curriculum. 

Cloud for Good has been a distributed-virtual company since its inception. You do not need to relocate for the program.

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Talent for Good Consultant Analyst

Talent for Good Consultant Analyst

About Cloud for Good

Cloud for Good is a leading cloud consulting firm helping nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions create and accelerate their transformational value with technology. Founded in 2010, Cloud for Good is a certified B Corporation and a Premium Partner. Collaborating with clients within the nonprofit and higher education spaces, Cloud for Good helps organizations achieve results, innovate, and transform their operations.

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