The Cloud for Good Badges application provides personalized visualizations that alert, inform and engage every user. These visual representations provide your Salesforce users with key information at a glance. The Cloud for Good Badge App makes it easy for you to highlight your major donors, volunteers, VIPs, and other special constituent types with visual indicators at the top of your records.

This app was designed with our clients in mind. Create your own custom badges on Contacts and Accounts with criteria defined by your organization. For example: Do you easily want to see which donors have given gifts of over $1,000? The Badge application allows you to design a badge that can be automatically presented at the top of their contact record based upon the existence of that gift level condition.

Do you want to quickly see which constituents attend your functions in New York City? You can design a badge that will alert your end users that a Contact or Household has attended your gala in New York, while leveraging different badges for other attended events.

This app is compatible with Salesforce Classic and the Lightning Experience. Badges will help your staff quickly understand important information about your Contacts and Accounts.

You can take our Badges App a step further and use it in conjunction with the Cloud for Good Interests app to visually flag contacts with specific interests or preferences, allowing you to quickly see which constituents have expressed interest in specific activities that you may track with Cloud for Good Interests.

If this sounds like a feature that would be beneficial for your organization, contact us today to get started with Badges!

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