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Humane Society of Boulder Valley: Rehoming Pets with the Nonprofit Success Pack The Client

Animal shelter on salesforce

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley – Rehoming Pets with the Nonprofit Success Pack

The Client

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley
protects and enhances the lives of companion animals by promoting healthy relationships between pets and people. They accomplish this by providing shelter and care to more than 7,000 animals each year, achieving 93% adoption and reunion rates. Alongside adoption and lost and found services, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (HSBV) operates a full-service veterinary clinic, training center, a retail store and a thrift and gift shop.

The Challenge

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley needed a cloud-based solution that would seamlessly tie all of their data together. They understood the need to have a centralized location to track all of their data, which led them to implement Raiser’s Edge, a system that worked well for a time, but lacked the connectivity and mobile availability that users wanted and expected. Users became frustrated with the quality of data, as there was no way to ensure data entry was being completed consistently and accurately. Accessibility of data was also a concern within the organization. Event attendance data was being stored separately from donation data. Marketing emails were being sent from yet another system with no integration to Raiser’s Edge, making it difficult to determine which campaigns and messaging were resonating with donors and potential donors, driving them to support Boulder Valley Humane Society’s cause. “Raiser’s Edge was no longer a feasible solution for our organization. We needed a platform that would integrate with other systems, giving us a complete view of all the information we were collecting from constituents. We chose to move forward with a cloud-based solution, giving us more flexibility and mobile access,” stated Amanda Boerman, Senior Development Manager for HSBV.

The Solution

After completing an in-depth discovery phase with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Cloud for Good determined that the best solution would be a combination of Sales Cloud with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). “Cloud for Good is a trusted partner of many nonprofit organizations. We were drawn to them because their consultants have walked miles in our shoes and could relate to the challenges we were facing,” said Boerman. Utilizing Cloud for Good’s extensive knowledge of the Raiser’s Edge data model, historical data was migrated into the Salesforce NPSP. To expand on the built-in functionality of NPSP, Cloud for Good configured our Fundraising Package, providing expanded grant management, moves management and donation cultivation processes to meet specific fundraising requirements outlined by the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

A custom object was created to track pets. This enables the Fundraising team to converse effectively with pet owners and target pertinent communications based on pet guardianship. This object also allows the staff to engage in meaningful conversations with supporters and expand their supportive relationships with pet guardians.

Additionally, Cloud for Good customized Salesforce to track auction items. This object assists HSBV in their annual gala and auction event, which entails over 500 silent auction items and hosts over 1,000 guests each year. “Managing our auction items and knowing who to thank for their donation was a trying task. Integrating our Salesforce platform with an events application is simplifying our internal processes and helping us collect and report on valuable information around our fundraising events,” explained Boerman. Classy was also configured and the Salesforce Connector was enabled in order to seamlessly integrate online donations and event registrations into Salesforce. MailChimp was integrated using Chimp Sync, linking all data together in Salesforce.

Cloud for Good also installed and configured Apsona, allowing users to create custom mail merge templates that were configured and automated to provide accurate and timely thank you letters for donors and event sponsors. In order to highlight particular data sets, Cloud for Good created custom reports, making it easier for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley team to view key metrics. Cloud for Good ensured that the Salesforce1 mobile application met the organization’s needs by customizing the mobile layouts, so users could securely access the platform anywhere.


The Humane Society of Boulder Valley is able to see all interactions with a constituent in one place, easily accessible from anywhere an internet connection is available.

  • The organization is able to move adoptive families to become volunteers and volunteers to become lifetime donors.
  • They can now create reports, combining all their data in order to accurately view a donor’s involvement with the organization.
  • Users are now able to manage auction items, event attendance and ensure all data entered into the system is accurate and valid.
  • Having the ability to view marketing communications and donor interactions within Salesforce allows new marketing strategies to be tested and validated as to their effectiveness, ensuring that messaging has an impact and is retaining donors.

Utilizing NPSP, users are able to establish and expand upon relationships between donors and organizations, and accurately split donations into appropriate funds based on donor intentions. The Humane Society of Boulder Valley can now access their data from any device, without the need for remote desktops or VPN access.

“Cloud for Good’s dedication to the needs of our organization has allowed us to modernize our fundraising efforts and has set us up for expanded and strengthened relationships with our community and supporters,” states Boerman.