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Managing External Constituent Relationships

JunE 15, 2023 | Burlington, MA

Customer Success

Here at Cloud for Good, we pride ourselves on our ability to generate transformational value to help our clients deliver on their missions more effectively.

Boston University Salesforce Success Story

One of the greatest advantages Salesforce has provided Boston University relates directly to the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Harvard Salesforce Instances For Multiple Programs To Better Manage Strategic Business Processes


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UVM OVPR Salesforce Success Story

Following the considerable success the University of Vermont (UVM) found using Salesforce Marketing and Service

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Stanford Spark: Creating Engagement And Managing Efficiencies With Salesforce

Stanford SPARK was established in 2006 as a translational medicine program within the school of

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Implementing Salesforce

With a custom Drupal integration added to their Salesforce instance, MIT CISR now has access to invaluable insight into what their members are reading and downloading, what events they are attending, and how they are engaging with the Drupal website.

Additional Resources

Higher Ed Summit Replay: Power Up Your Academic Research Centers with Salesforce

What a year this was at the Higher Ed Summit! We heard that the Higher Education

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In part one of our Support and Maintenance of Your University’s Salesforce Org blog series,

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There is a multitude of marketing automation tools on the market today, but none come more highly recommended from Cloud for Good than Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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Cloud for Good 2023 Blog Taking A Deep Dive Into Salesforce’s New Education Cloud Announcement

Cloud for Good takes a deep dive into Salesforce’s new Education Cloud announcement and the evolution of Salesforce in the education industry.

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Cloud for Good 2023 blog Exploring Approaches to Technology Transformation: Data-First Versus Customer-First

Exploring data-first versus customer-first approaches to creating transformation through technology.

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Cloud for Good 2023 blog how einstein gpt creates impact for nonprofits and higher education

Salesforce recently announced the launch of Einstein GPT, the world’s first generative AI designed specifically for CRMs.

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Staffing for Salesforce with Talent for Good

Staffing for Salesforce

Unlock your Pipeline to Salesforce Talent

Many of the top companies are transforming their businesses by leveraging the Salesforce platform. While Salesforce clients are seeing the tremendous business value and returns on their technology investments as a result of these implementations, building Salesforce teams and hiring Salesforce talent can be time-intensive, and your recruiting teams may not know how to evaluate a candidate’s technical skills. Cloud for Good is committed to cultivating a skilled, sustainable pipeline of Salesforce System Administrators and Business Analysts that are contract-to-hire ready.

Your Pipeline for Custom Salesforce Talent

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