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Why Cloud for Good is Excited About Elevate

Why Cloud for Good is Excited About Elevate’s Elevate is an innovative new addition to the Salesforce ecosystem of technology solutions, released in Spring 2020.  The suite of integrated offerings made available through Elevate will greatly enhance an organization’s ability to process online payments from within their Salesforce instance and without the use of third-party applications.  Through two main new features (Giving Pages and Payment Services), the Elevate fundraising suite offers an added layer of engagement with donors, integrated directly with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).  As part of an end-to-end fundraising solution, Elevate creates simplicity in an organization’s efforts to engage their donors through the span of their life cycle.

Exploring the Elevate Admin Console

As seen in the screenshot above, the Elevate Admin Console establishes a centralized hub for Payment Services and Giving Pages.  These components are configurable and able to be administered according to your organization’s unique payment management processes.  Settings and even branding can be customized to match your organization’s identity and preferred layouts.  Administrators can also manage users, develop engaging content, and feature highlighted messaging in an effort to better reach your audience.

Increasing Fundraising Capability with Giving Pages

One of the most exciting new features within Elevate is the new Giving Pages function.  An organization’s ability to effectively engage their audience and promote giving is made easier through a streamlined interface that allows your constituents to take their donor experience online.

Giving your constituents the ability to give a single or recurring donation, Elevate online giving forms (like the one above) provide a sleek and intuitive solution for an organization’s fundraising campaigns.  Featuring branded pages, out-of-the-box forms, and an easy-to-use interface, Giving Pages makes it easier for your constituents to support your organization’s mission anywhere, at any time.

Multiple dynamic Giving Pages can be created as needed, with each page connected directly to a single fund or designation.  The ability to brand your unique Giving Pages adds a personalized touch for your constituents, with logos, base donation amounts, payments fields, and confirmation messaging all customizable according to your organization’s style and fundraising needs.  Better yet, these engaging experiences are able to be fully integrated with your Payment Services.

Payment Services: Promoting Intuitive Online Giving

Using the featured Payment Services API to create custom payment processing UIs, a payment gateway can be connected directly to your organization’s Giving Pages and Salesforce instance.  Elevate’s Payment Services component includes the Gateway Connector, granting an integration of online payment gateways with your existing Salesforce CRM.  What this customizable payment processing solution provides is seamless integration with existing systems that more easily enable single or recurring credit card gifts, gift refunds, receipt generation and sending, as well as the ability to clearly view gift data and publish gift events.  These services consolidate your organization’s payment data, reporting, and analytics directly within Salesforce.  Payment Services is capable of end-to-end credit and debit card processing, as well as donation collection from Elevate Giving Pages.  Whether your organization is integrating with NPSP or GEM, the ability to leverage several applications and add efficiency to your payment processing processes has never been easier or more secure.

Integrating Elevate Across Clouds

Payment services can also be enabled for partners, third parties, and custom applications.  Integrating with the Salesforce CRM, Elevate allows payments to be accepted using custom web pages and applications.  Additional donation opportunities are present within Elevate’s ability to customize one-time or recurring payment journeys for constituents, engaging and empowering the user throughout every step of that journey.

Additionally, Elevate features an administrative interface for users within the Philanthropy Cloud.  Organization profiles within this cloud are completely customizable.  As part of the suite of products made available within Elevate, this Philanthropy Cloud component can grant access to new sources of donors through the utilization of giving and volunteering campaigns within the workplace.

The result of these flexible new features is an unmatched donor experience.  Elevate’s customer experience has the potential to positively affect both donation volumes and conversion rates through accessible campaigns and mindful integrations.  On the organization’s side, a 360-degree view of fundraising data can be achieved in the storing of all data within one central location.  A higher-level view of the data, in conjunction with the ability to connect to a payment gateway, gives organizations a fully-integrated Salesforce system capable of leveraging payment gateways to inform the user experience.

Ultimately, the innovations made possible by Elevate should free up significant time for organizations and allow them to build highly-engaging, productive fundraising campaigns.  As a connected suite of products, combining Payment Services and Giving Pages, Elevate simply makes it easier for your organization to raise funds and support your mission.  Across digital fundraising campaigns, on-the-go online and mobile experiences, and carefully-considered connections with pre-existing Salesforce technology,’s new Elevate connected suite of products will do just as the name describes and take your fundraising abilities to the next level.