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Webinar Recap: Unboxing the Nonprofit Success Pack with Lightning

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), presented in Lightning, is all about success. Cloud for Good hosted a webinar on March 9, 2017 titled Unboxing the Nonprofit Success Pack with Lightning. This webinar highlighted some of the powerful features of the NPSP. We’ve published this post as a companion to the webinar, with key links and resources. While there are a number of resources for Salesforce, NPSP, and related topics, this curated list will be a solid starting point.

General Reference:




Get Lightning


Configuration and Technical Resources

  • Private Contacts (remember the Account Model you choose in NPSP can help you avoid these!


Engagement Plans and Levels


Community Powered


This post and the recorded webinar will help any nonprofit get off to a great start with the Nonprofit Success Pack. Need help navigating the many resources, or figuring out what tools are best for your organization? The Cloud for Good team are experts in understanding the unique needs of individual nonprofits and how to provide the best solutions. Contact us today for assistance with your NPSP Lightning needs.

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