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Top Five Reasons to Attend the Higher Ed Summit in Washington, DC

As we approach the 6th Annual Higher Ed Summit in Washington D.C., we want to share the top five reasons we can’t wait for March 21st to arrive.

5. All Higher Ed, All the Time

Salesforce does an amazing job including into Dreamforce and other local Trailblazer events. However, there isn’t much that compares to three days of over 100 sessions tailored exclusively for the higher education community. This year, the Summit will include newer “How To” sessions that will provide more in-depth discussion and/or hands-on exploration of key topics. These sessions will keep you wanting to learn more about the platform. If you are like me and have a difficult time sitting still, these sessions may be just right for you.

4. I’ve got friends in “High(er Ed)” Places

There is something special about the Salesforce Higher Ed Community’s willingness to collaborate and share success. It could be the understanding that budget cuts and staffing challenges effect more than just one or two institutions. Maybe it’s because there are more than a few Directors of Admissions who turned accidental Salesforce Administrators. Conversing and meeting with others who have blazed the same trail you are now traveling provides great bonding opportunities.  Whatever the reason may be, making new friends and networking is an awesome part of the Summit experience. The conversations you’ll have while waiting for a session to start, or standing in line for a coffee, are invaluable. Each day brings new relationships, and sometimes partnerships, that strengthen the Ohana and propel success with Salesforce.

3. Learn Something New About the Platform

Many partners within the Salesforce ecosystem are providing applications, products and services to to enhance an area of Salesforce that will solve a specific challenge in higher education.  The partner area gives you an opportunity to meet with vendors and learn more about their specific solutions. Stop by and ask them questions. Even if you aren’t looking for something right now, it’s a great way to understand how others are using Salesforce and learn about solutions that may benefit you in the future. Learning opportunities are everywhere at the Higher Ed Summit.

2. Get Motivated for Professional Development

Are you curious how one university is using all of the Salesforce clouds offered? Do you want to know how someone became a Salesforce MVP? Are you thinking about a career change? Do you want to figure out how to break into the partner ecosystem?

I can personally attest to the power of Salesforce events in this regard. Four months ago I was working at a partner and feeling as though my technical skills were slipping away with each release of Salesforce. I didn’t feel as tuned into the platform. Thanks to the Lodge at Dreamforce, I was able to introduce myself to Cloud for Good’s CEO (and Salesforce MVP), Tal Frankfurt. That conversation made it possible for me to earn more about the company’s incredible team and the impact they are having in their communities. This opportunity gave me the push I needed to make a shift and join the #BestTeamEver! The energy of the teams I meet through customers is pushing me to be a better User Group leader, a more educated Salesforce user, and a mentor to new members as they join the community.

1. It’s not all about the learning

A few relationships may actually start while waiting in line for a beer and not a coffee. The Higher Ed Summit has evening events that help you wind down and further network with others after your daily sessions are over. will host an amazing reception and awards ceremony on Thursday night. The fun really begins afterwards – at our Higher Ed Happy Hour. Join the party hosted by Cloud for Good, Jitterbit, Enrollment RX, Mogli, MapAnything, Skuid, and Return Path right in the Gaylord complex at Pose rooftop bar. It will be a night to remember!

Let us know if you’ll be at the Higher Ed Summit March 21 – 23, 2018. Fill out our form below, as we’d love to meet with you in DC!

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