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Top 3 Reasons to Attend Southeast Dreamin’

Top 3 Reasons to Attend Southeast Dreamin’

Have you heard about the amazing community-driven Salesforce event in Atlanta? Southeast Dreamin’ is scheduled for March 21-22, 2019 and is going to be filled with incredible opportunities to learn from your peers about Salesforce best practices, the newest features and amazing use cases.

Whether you are a non-technical nonprofit professional looking to simplify your workstreams, a Salesforce professional looking to apply your expertise by giving back to your community, or simply looking to land your first Salesforce job, Southeast Dreamin’ is an event you don’t want to miss!

You’ll even find me there, presenting with our CEO and Founder, Tal Frankfurt.

Fundraising Strategies with the Nonprofit Success Pack
Location: Oglethorpe Room
March 22, 2019
1:15 pm – 2:00 pm

Still questioning whether you should attend? Here are my top 3 reasons why Southeast Dreamin’ (or a Dreamin’ near you) should make your ‘must attend’ list.

1. Learn How Salesforce is transforming the Nonprofit sector and solving problems

Audience: Someone working at a nonprofit, particularly decision makers

If you work at a Nonprofit, it is likely that you are highly motivated by helping those that are in need. Quite often, however, like any other job, you may find yourself overwhelmed with several different workstreams.

What doesn’t help is when the systems that you are using are disjointed; emailing spreadsheets with donor information, manual reporting, and manually sending prospecting emails one by one are just some of the tasks that often take up a lot of your time and prevent you from doing what you do best.

Perhaps your organization has tried many different systems and solutions, but the results remain the same: Too many systems that don’t talk to one another.

If this problem sounds familiar, then attend Southeast Dreamin’ and learn about a suite of solutions called Salesforce that solves these problems head-on!

2. Learn How You Can Use Your Salesforce Skills to make contributions to Nonprofits

Audience: SFDC professionals that may not have Nonprofit experience

If you are a Salesforce professional of any kind, you have the potential to make an extraordinary contribution to those that are in need.

Whether you have functional or technical expertise in Salesforce, your skillsets can go a long way in helping Nonprofits drive solutions for those that they serve.

Hundreds of Nonprofits across the globe are currently transitioning from using spreadsheets or other legacy systems into Salesforce to optimize their functions. This includes everything from Fundraising to Program Management and Marketing.

At Southeast Dreamin’ you will have an opportunity to network with Nonprofits and Salesforce Partners alike and see how your skillsets could bring value to this exciting industry.

3. Opportunities to learn Salesforce by Volunteering

Audience: Job-seekers who are looking to get their “foot in the door” in the world of Salesforce, but are struggling to find entry-level work.

Do you have a strong interest in Salesforce, but are struggling to land your first Salesforce job? Perhaps you have spent hours earning Trailhead Badges and configuring your personal Developer org but can’t seem to get your foot in the door into the world of Salesforce.

If this sounds like you, then on March 21st and 22nd, there is no other place you should be then Southeast Dreamin’!

This is an opportunity for you to network with Salesforce Account Executives, Implementation Partners and Salesforce professionals who are already plugged in where you want to be.

If learning, networking and perhaps bettering the community sounds like your idea of a good time, then I’ll see you at the 2019 Southeast Dreamin’. Don’t forget to register using this link.

There are tons of amazing Salesforce sessions and event a track specifically for nonprofits. Learn more about these session by clicking on the title below: