November 28, 2017

Employee Communities and Salesforce

Customer Communities are a great way to engage with your constituents. However, you can also look at a Salesforce Community to increase employee engagement. We explore the different types of Salesforce Communities in this post.

August 4, 2017

How Women In Tech (WIT) Changed My Career

Women in Tech (WIT) and Salesforce are helping more women go after technology focused careers. One of our Goodies shares her story with WIT and the difference it has made in her life.

May 16, 2017

Is a Salesforce Community the Right Fit for Your Nonprofit?

If you can find value in sharing your Salesforce data with constituents, a Salesforce Community might be right for you! Salesforce Communities expand your database beyond your internal users and allow constituents to interact with each other and with your data in a controlled environment.

August 23, 2016

Salesforce Communities: Getting Started

At Cloud for Good it has been exciting to work with clients to help them envision what they can do with communities, make those visions a reality, and see the very real impact they have on the groups and areas they serve.

February 2, 2016

Hiring with Inclusiveness

In the effort to increase the diversity of technology companies, one area where efforts often break down is the hiring process. We would like to share some practical suggestions that worked for our team. Hopefully, our experience will be helpful to others in increasing the diversity of your team, whether it is racial, gender, sexual orientation or another dimension of diversity you are seeking.

October 27, 2015

Giving Back – My Day Volunteering At Cradles to Crayons

Donating to a charity is a great way to ensure that their mission is accomplished, but there is something so much more rewarding about being able to volunteer your time, and sometimes sweat, to a cause that is near and dear to your heart. As our lives become increasingly busier as we take on careers, family and hobbies, it can be hard to find a time that works for you and an organization to volunteer your time. Depending on the areas that your chosen organization serves, weekends may not be an available option. Lucky for me, Cloud For Good recognizes this and allows time off from work for employees to volunteer in their communities.

December 23, 2014

Invest in Your Salesforce Administrator

It took 11 years, but finally created an “Admin Zone” at their annual Dreamforce conference. They have a Developer Zone for the coders, a Foundation Zone dedicated to their nonprofit customers, a Small and Medium Business Zone and now one for Admins. Don’t get me wrong, wasn’t ignoring System Administrators in previous years. There have always been plenty of sessions dedicated to administrators of all skill levels. But having an Admin Zone and an Admin Keynote dedicated to administrators was recognition that Admins are a key resource for any organization, nonprofit or otherwise.

October 8, 2012

Getting To Know the Salesforce Community

One of the best advantages Salesforce has is its awesome community. The Salesforce community is the place for you to find great resources at no cost (yes, FREE). At Dreamforce 2012, I led a session together with fellow Salesforce MVPs, Jennifer Phillips, Bryan Boroughf, and Matt Brown called Getting to Know the Community (#GTKTC). During the session, we shared many resources available in the community.