It’s Business Processes Time

It’s important to evaluate your business processes from time to time and ask yourself why, who, what, and how along the way. We offer guidance to help you evaluate your processes in this post.

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Change Management: Unpacking the Jargon

In order to help you and your teams “talk the talk” of change management, below are a few tips on decoding the jargon. Change is hard enough as it is, no need to add a layer of complexity to it by introducing a new language.

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Change Doesn’t Always Have To Be Scary

Change is all about how you manage the process. Implementing a new CRM like Salesforce can certainly lead to unintended consequences if you don’t manage the process of change appropriately. Here are a few tips to effective change management that will make the process less scary for you and your team.

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What Can We Learn From the Health Care Community?

At Cloud for Good, we have our own version of what is called a M & M Conference in the healthcare industry (Morbidity and Mortality Conference- a tradition where physicians and nurses from within their specialty (such as pediatrics) will meet – confidentially and very respectfully – to discuss cases in which the patients had a very serious or sometimes fatal outcome.) but we call ours “Post-Project Evaluations.” We like to think of it as a “postpartum” discussion (meaning the “baby” – your project – has been delivered). After a project has been completed, we meet as a team to discuss the outcomes. Everyone associated with the project, which includes the Account Executive, Consultant(s), Project Manager, and management, attends the meeting.

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