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2017 Salesforce Fundraising Trends Report

Salesforce fundraising

Do you want to know how other organizations are harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform for fundraising? Are your peers utilizing moves management to assist with their fundraising efforts?

To better understand the impact of the Salesforce platform on the industry’s fundraising efforts, we surveyed our customers and are sharing the results in this report. Understanding our clients’ needs is paramount in the success that Cloud for Good has achieved, as well as the successes of our many clients. Hundreds of organizations took the time to share their insights with us and we are pleased to share our Salesforce Fundraising Trends Report with the nonprofit sector.

The results we found show that organizations are having great success with Salesforce. Our clients report that the implementation of Salesforce, combined with our services, helped them increase their fundraising by an average of 29%. If your organization would like to raise more funds, better communicate with your stakeholders and provide better services and programs, please reach out to Cloud for Good. We would love to hear from you.

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge our partners who helped promote the survey. Several of them are featured within the pages of our report and can provide fundraising assistance through Salesforce integrations.

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