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Looking Ahead to Talent for Good Cohort 2

Cloud for Good Talent for Good Cohort 2

Talent for Good, the first large-scale and only U.S. Department of Labor Recognized Registered Apprenticeship Program in the Salesforce ecosystem, has officially opened applications for Cohort 2.  While Talent for Good applications are continuously accepted on a rolling basis, Cloud for Good will be actively screening program applications through the month of May.  Cohort 2 will officially begin their respective Salesforce journeys in the summer of 2022.

The Talent for Good Opportunity

As a quick refresher, Talent for Good is an innovative 2-year apprenticeship program designed to bring new, diverse talent into the Salesforce ecosystem.  Talent for Good apprentices undergo an immersive training program and, upon completion, become embedded into nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions for the remainder of their apprenticeship.

Upon program completion, our clients are able to hire Talent for Good apprentices that have been working for them.

Catching Up with Cohort 1

The first Talent for Good cohort was formally introduced on January 31, 2022.  Since that time, all members within the first cohort have learned Salesforce, our industries, and consulting best practices and have become certified in a number of different, critical Salesforce certifications.

“As our very first Talent for Good cohort, this group has beyond exceeded expectations and has continually shown their eagerness to learn and develop as Salesforce professionals. They have already made their mark at Cloud for Good and will continue to contribute to the betterment of our organization, while strengthening our client engagements,” said Talent for Good Program Manager John Stallings.

These first Talent for Good participants have also ingrained themselves within the higher education and nonprofit spaces, gained experience with organizational strategies, and general operating principles, and are continuing to seek additional certifications in one or both of Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud industry solutions.  And, of course, our first cohort has acquired the skills necessary for quality Salesforce consulting, including best practices on consulting methodology, implementing Salesforce solutions, and supporting the clients benefiting from the technology.

“Cloud for Good has done such an amazing job with Talent for Good, it is truly the right program for professionals looking to make the transition into a Salesforce career.  I have been encouraged to always push myself and innovate while feeling very supported by the Cloud for Good leadership during this 12-week journey.  I can confidently say that I have a solid Salesforce foundation to build a flourishing consulting career on Salesforce thanks to Talent for Good,” said Abisola Shondè, a member of Talent for Good’s first cohort.

What We’re Looking for in Cohort 2

Have you always wanted to launch a career in tech or Salesforce but have had trouble finding an open door?  Look no further than Talent for Good.

We are looking for motivated individuals with a passion for hands-on learning, an eagerness to create positive change in the world, and a desire to make an impact in their careers in the nonprofit and higher education sectors.

Fifteen individuals were selected from a pool of over 1,200 during Talent for Good’s first robust screening and selection process.  Common threads between those selected included pursuing additional learning opportunities, whether that be through previous work experience, continued higher education, technical courses, or extensive time spent learning the ins and outs of Trailhead.

It’s not all about experience and education, however.  Talent for Good provides an opportunity for anyone able to articulate how their unique skills and life experiences could translate to a career in the Salesforce ecosystem.  Applicants should be naturally curious, possess a professional, yet personable demeanor, and have a history of making the things they work on better.

If you’re ready to launch your Salesforce career and join the Talent for Good team, click here to apply.

Are you a nonprofit or educational institution looking for talent? Contact us today to talk about how our Analysts could be embedded in your current implementation project or join your Salesforce team.

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