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Life After Raiser’s Edge

While Raiser’s Edge is still one of the most common fundraising solutions for nonprofit organizations, it is about time to say out loud what our clients have been saying quietly for the last few years. The Raiser’s Edge is approaching the end of its life. Blackbaud has yet to provide a clear roadmap for developing a new integrated solution and it is still not clear what the future is for The Raiser’s Edge 7.

Our clients tell us that The Raiser’s Edge’s old technology (more than 10 years old) is making it very difficult for them to manage enterprise-wide supporter engagement. They are no longer interested in having their data decentralized; they are in need for an organization-wide integrated approach. Our clients are demanding applications that will allow them to deliver a centralized multi-channel solution to their constituents because they understand the constituents are at the center of their work.

These constituents are connected to each other 24/7 in real time and assume that your organization is doing the same. They are mobile and never leave their house without their smartphone and they are demanding, because, just like you, they know they have a lot of options.


So what does life after The Raiser’s Edge look like?

Welcome to the integrated world. Your applications will no longer be locked down with a limited and costly Application Programming Interface (API). You will be able to manage your donors, volunteers, clients, employees, or even trees in one location.

Build relationships as a team.  Instead of spending their time on bringing data together or being buried in emails, your staff will finally be able to work together to solve problems and provide solutions at every touch point.

Be more connected. If you had everything – from their donations to their volunteer hours, from their initial assessment to their social conversations – in one place, you could connect with them in a truly personal way.

Spend less. Get More. Benefit from the cloud to reduce the complexity and cost of IT. Focus on your mission and creating a positive change in the world and not on managing or upgrading servers.


What can you do?

If your database isn’t helping you become more effective, if it is not increasing your customer retention or improving staff satisfaction – it is the time to start thinking about the technology that will support your mission for the next five years.

At Cloud for Good, we want to make the process of getting over the edge easier for you and your organization. Therefor we developed an application dedicated to streamlining the process and reducing the risk of moving your data from The Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce. We have established partnerships with providers such as Causeview to help you better build and cultivate more meaningful relationships with your constituents.  Migration is easier – now more than ever. The time to make the switch is today.