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Introducing Cloud for Good Campaign Services

I am excited to announce our newest line of business: Campaign Services. This service is designed to pull Salesforce and non-Salesforce data into an off-platform database and execute load-intensive queries for our nonprofit and higher education clients.  Campaign Services helps our clients lighten complex data loads and assist in ongoing integrations for vital fundraising operations through direct marketing campaigns.  Cloud for Good Campaign Services specialists work closely with our clients to facilitate one of the most critical revenue streams within their organizations: direct marketing.

What is Direct Marketing?

The broader concept of direct marketing revolves around delivering information about your company, organization, or institution straight to the consumer.  More specifically, direct marketing is a form of targeted marketing designed to communicate relevant information of potential interest to consumers who have been identified as likely buyers, donors, or sustainers.  The two most common forms of direct marketing are direct mail and telemarketing.  Many people don’t realize this, but the majority of nonprofit fundraising still comes from direct marketing.

Nearly all nonprofit organizations today rely on the significant stream of revenue generated through direct marketing.  Organizations must ensure that their direct marketing campaigns are running effectively and efficiently and target the types of people deemed most likely to support each respective cause.  Invariably, these campaigns become quite complex and segmented where massive lists of consumers are generated and utilized to home in on givers and sustainers.  Age, income range, and a multitude of other factors both demographic and geographic factors into these segmented lists.  Complex reports are then generated and must be culled through to pull out the most critical segments for an organization, so this process relies on the system being comprised of good, clean, and reliable data on which to build off.  This is where our Campaign Services come into play.

What Are Campaign Services?

The main objective of Campaign Services is to empower the direct marketing campaigns of nonprofit organizations, parse the most effective fundraising strategies relative to the segments the organization wants to target, and then follow through on the campaigns to ultimately raise more funds for the organization.  Another large facet of Campaign Services is the ability to take all of the incoming data generated through direct marketing campaigns and put the data directly into Salesforce.  This ensures the data collected is stored effectively and is able to be analyzed and reported upon in an intuitive manner for those on the Campaign Services team.

With the data stored and configured, all of the direct marketing-generated data can then be added to cooperative databases.  These databases are large repositories for data that is collected and reported on, pulling from industry trends and helping to inform industry strategies to be used in subsequent direct marketing campaigns.  The more data is collected, stored, reported on, and utilized, the more effective and profitable an organization’s direct marketing campaigns can be.

Why Cloud for Good is Excited About Campaign Services

There is a substantial need in the marketplace for direct marketing campaign services, and Cloud for Good is now the only implementation and consulting firm in the Salesforce ecosystem to incorporate Campaign Services into our offerings.  Nonprofit organizations simply need these services, and many of the larger nonprofit organizations will not consider a transition to Salesforce, from their previous technology suite, without a technology component that can assist in direct marketing campaign services.  As stated previously, direct marketing is truly the bread and butter of nonprofit organization fundraising, and a technology change without a priority placed on facilitating these needs doesn’t make sense in the long run.

If an organization develops these services in-house, they introduce a dependency on internal people always being there to cater to these very specific needs.  If members of the team are on vacation, sick, or on leave, suddenly the organization’s most critical fundraising facilitator is weakened and operating at less-than-optimal efficiency.  With Cloud for Good Campaign Services, our clients are provided an external source of campaign services assistance that is flexible and staffed to fit the unique needs of each nonprofit client.

What Campaign Services Mean for Our Customers

Introducing Campaign Services allows Cloud for Good to become an even greater full-service provider for our valued nonprofit clients.  This team joins our Salesforce Managed Services and Digital Managed Services team to provide a complete and integrated, end-to-end solution to our clients.

Cloud for Good now has a dedicated team with real, on-the-ground industry knowledge that knows what it takes to run a direct marketing campaign.  We understand the technology, we understand the importance of your direct marketing data, and we understand what it takes to utilize these campaigns to increase the funds raised.  Our goal is to put data into the hands of the end-users and help nonprofit clients do what they do even better.  The sky is the limit, and we can’t wait to get started with you.

If you’re curious about what Cloud for Good Campaign Services can do for your nonprofit organization, visit our Campaign Services webpage or contact us at [email protected] today.

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