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Why Integrations and Clean Manageable Data Help Change the World

by David Grazer of RallyBound

For your non-profit, nothing can be more helpful than good, clean data. Data empowers decision-making. Whether in a large or small organization, thoughtful data, provides the instrument to truly empower a non-profit to diligently push their mission to the next level.

Clean data by definition is groomed and well managed. It discounts outliers and aberrations, allowing for productive analysis. Standard legacy offerings inhibit the ability to hone records due to a cumbersome interface or lack of integration. Salesforce enables all of these practices.

The biggest fear for any organization is EFFICIENCY and GROWTH. Individuals will have their own definition of both, but these remain the variables all industries want to control: more with less. Non-profits are not excluded. Tasked with the impossible; social missions are to be accomplished on shoestring budgets, archaic systems and with overworked, underpaid personnel. Counterintuitive, I would say. Here’s where Salesforce can help: Data Analysis and True Comprehensive Organizational Understanding.

The solution for a non-profit is to truly capitalize on integrations. The beauty of a good integration is the enhancement of data processing. In this sense, processing is the umbrella term including gathering, managing and analyzing. Email providers like Mailchimp, fundraising services like RallyBound, merchant processors, Causeview, etc., allow for seamless data dropping into Salesforce. Nobody knows what you need more than you.

Salesforce does a great job about being proactive, surveying and analyzing various industrial pain points. They allow you to sync up with your other services, collect all of your critical info, generate useful analytical tables and manage it with ease.

Lastly, do your best to extricate cost from the ultimate decision. Cost shouldn’t be a defining factor. If you truly utilize Salesforce or any technological investment, for that matter, learn their powers, and evolve your skills alongside their updates; you will be rewarded with a considerable ROI. For a non-profit, that ROI is not just monetary, it is in human capital.

Non-Profits cannot be fearful of change; you are trying to change the world. Let Salesforce and the plethora of integrated services support that. You know as well as we do that the technological status quo is hindering so many. Get out ahead, employ the RIGHT systems and alter the landscape of humankind forever!

About David:
David Grazer is Director of Business Development at RallyBound, which provides customized social fundraising software to non-profits. He has worked in both the for-profit and non-profit sphere, cultivating his belief that business can make a real impact.