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Nonprofits are Increasing Their Investment in Marketing Automation

In our State of Salesforce Within the Nonprofit Sector, we looked at how more than 500 nonprofit organizations, of various sizes and focus areas, are using the Salesforce platform to create more value within their communities. We discovered that nonprofits are making leaps and bounds in their marketing maturity—from how they think about strategy to how they execute campaigns—and are increasingly using solutions, such as Marketing Cloud and Pardot, to improve communications with alumni, clients, donors and volunteers.

The future of marketing relies on our ability to engage with people in a personal and authentic way, building relationships that are more understanding, genuine, and ultimately more valuable. Sixty-nine percent of the organizations we surveyed are planning
to make investments in marketing automation over the course of the next year. According to our survey, these organizations are already using multiple Salesforce clouds and applications to overcome the typical challenges of constituent engagement. Many, including the National Aquarium, have chosen to adopt Marketing Cloud to remove silos and adopt a Center of Excellence model (COE). A COE helps remove inefficiencies and improves collaboration across team functions, creating a cohesive unit, reinforcing a consistent brand identity while improving the constituent experience.

The native integration between Marketing Cloud and Salesforce ensures consistency and centralizes main activities and messaging. While we ensure that a new technology integrates with an organization’s existing technologies, we also encourage our clients to continue to be selective and thoroughly evaluate the solutions that are available to them. It’s crucial that organizations only invest in technologies that support both their short-term and long-term goals, furthering their impact in the communities they serve. This will ensure that as your organization grows, your existing solutions will grow with you.  Replacing existing solutions as you scale can be detrimental to your overall success. Carefully vet all options and add technologies that provide long-term value. Contact our team of experts to start a conversation about choosing the right marketing solution for your organization.

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