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Happy Mother’s Day from Cloud for Good

Happy Mother's Day from Cloud for Good

Mother’s Day is a day, once a year, solely dedicated to celebrating moms, grandmothers, aunts, and other influential maternal figures in one’s life. This year, Mother’s Day celebrations may look a bit different than in the past. There will be no lunch dates or trips to the theater, but its times like these that we acknowledge what is most important in life.

This Mother’s Day, our Goodies would love to share how their mothers, and their own experiences as a mother, have impacted their lives.

“I grew up watching my mom naturally incorporate doing good into her life. As if her day (and night shift) job as a nurse wasn’t enough; she also volunteered with my dad as a paramedic for the local fire department. Together, they’ve been an integral part of growing a non-profit organization to provide Camp Kno-Koma, a summer camp for children with diabetes in West Virginia. I’ve tried to model my life similarly and hope my son will be positively influenced by all of us to do the same.” – Kristin Kiester, Partner Alliances Manager, Cloud for Good

“My parents came to this country without the ability to speak English and just $500 to their names. During my entire life, my mom has shown me what is truly important in life. No matter what was happening, she always showed us love and care and never let us feel less than when we were surrounded by others who might have thought we were. My mom taught me the value of a person is not measured by their material possessions or their financial accomplishments. It is measured by the impact they have on the people around them.” – Danny Rodriquez, Director of Managed Services, Cloud for Good

“My mom taught me independence and a strong work ethic from a very young age. Both have served me tremendously in my work and personal life. We always have a ton of fun together and make each other laugh. Because of her guidance, I have pursued the life I wanted and am surrounded by love and laughter.” – Kat Luker, Senior Developer, Cloud for Good

“Being a mom means that my life is full of joy and activity, even when the world outside has been shut down.” – Laura Maker, Director of Services, Cloud for Good

“From a young age, my mom instilled in me a deep love and respect for music, rhythm, and dancing. I have so many fond memories of us dancing together in the kitchen and jamming along with one another on long car rides. Music is intrinsically woven into my personality, worldview, and everyday life, and my mom is a huge reason for that fact. It’s something I’m profoundly grateful for. Love you, Mama Bear!”- Blake Becker, Content Writer, Cloud for Good

“I was raised by several strong women, and my mother was no exception. She taught me how to be humble, respectful, believe in myself, and, perhaps most important, have a sense of humor.” – Jenn Tate, Marketing Director, Cloud for Good

“From a very young age, I’ve always looked up to my mom. Like every southern mom, she was a stickler for rules and manners, but all of my friends knew her as the ‘cool mom,’ and now, as an adult, I can agree she is a ‘cool mom.’ She has truly taught me how to be a strong and independent woman, and for that I am forever thankful.” – Taylor Bugg, Marketing Coordinator, Cloud for Good

Cloud for Good wishes all of the mothers out there a safe and happy day full of love and joy!