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Happy Holidays from Cloud for Good

Cheers to a Great Year: Client Successes in 2018

Throughout the year, I have had the privilege of witnessing hundreds of incredible mission-driven organizations realize the impact Salesforce could have on their mission. Our team of Goodies worked tirelessly, along with the amazing Team at and our AppExchange partners including Classy, iWave, FormAssembly, Jitterbit, Click & Pledge, Causeview and Apsona to transform the way nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions do more good. From college campuses and early learning centers to food banks and animal shelters, we feel lucky to have the opportunity to partner with our clients to implement Salesforce, ultimately delivering a platform that accelerates growth.

For that, we have you to thank. From our clients to our readers, our Goodie team and all those we collaborate with at Salesforce and across the ecosystem – thank you. The success and impact for our clients would not have been possible without you.

Making an Impact

Our clients inspire me every day by dedicating their careers to helping others and driving change in our world. Having the courage to innovate on cloud technology and championing big changes have an incredible impact on their organization and the constituents they serve. Here are just a few of their amazing stories.

Higher Education Clients

With the help of their donors, Duke Health Development and Alumni Affairs (DHDAA) stands enviably positioned to take advantage of and pursue new challenges and opportunities to change our expectations of well-being and longevity. By implementing Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack with Salesforce Shield for encryption, DHDAA’s Development Team was able to alleviate bottlenecks caused by limited access to their legacy systems. “Our Development Officers rely on potential donor recommendations given by their Physician Leaders. With Salesforce, the Development Officers can make the most of their moments with the Physician Leaders, digging in and pulling up information on prospects in real time. A process that used to take days now takes minutes. It allows our development team to be more responsive and continue to build strong relationships internally, building a strong pipeline.” said Suzanne Sopa, Executive Director of Annual Giving. Learn more about how DHDAA uses Salesforce to help them prospect here.

Gordon College is a multi-denominational Christian college of the liberal arts and sciences in Massachusetts offering more than 90 areas of undergraduate study as well as graduate programs in education, music education, leadership and financial analysis. We had the honor of advising their Advancement CRM migration onto HEDA. They leveraged standard features and functionality of HEDA to simplify solutions and ensure scalability. “With Cloud for Good’s extensive knowledge of Salesforce and the investments that are forthcoming, we are now able to confidently set ourselves up for the future,” Houston said Richard Houston, Director of Advancement Services for Gordon College. Learn more about their journey to HEDA here.

Nonprofit Clients

Reading Partners mobilizes communities to provide students with the proven, individualized reading support they need to read at grade level by fourth grade. Cloud for Good worked with Reading Partners leveraging Einstein Analytics to identify, track and Visualize Key Performance Indicators across chapters Enabling Reading Partners to easily see how efficiently they are operating while also pinpointing areas to improve services. Reporting that previously took many days of Excel manipulation are now available in real-time across the organization. “We’re now able to look at the data and ask how and why questions to drive impactful program and community decisions. How does diversity in tutors affect the success of our students? Why are there more inactive tutors at one location over another? The dynamic nature of Einstein Analytics dashboards allows us to dig in deeper and ask and answer more complex questions.” Lola McCall, Reading Partners’ Salesforce Administrator, notes. Learn more here.

Urban Institute is the trusted source for research and insights to help solve our nation’s toughest problems. As the voice of expert information on public policy, best practices, and actionable strategies, Urban relies on micro-segmentation for targeted, email communications. With the goal of improving email readability and refining segmentation, Urban Institute worked with Cloud for Good to implement Marketing Cloud including a custom subscriber preference center. The Preference Center allowed their constituents to customize the timing and the type of content they wanted to receive from Urban Institute, ultimately improving constituent engagement and reducing the number of unsubscribes. Additionally, constituent data flows seamlessly between Sales and Marketing Clouds, offering insights into how each subscriber engages with Urban Institute. “’Nearly perfect’ is a good description of our implementation. Marketing Cloud is a highly sophisticated product, requiring expertise and care in implementation. Our complex needs required out-of-the-box thinking, and Cloud for Good delivered,” said David Connell, Senior Director of Digital Communications. You can hear more about how Marketing Cloud transformed the way Urban Institute communicates with their constituents here.

Managed Services:

We would also like to thank our clients for trusting us to not only implement their Salesforce instance, but continue to be their advisors for optimization, improvements and adjustments throughout the years.

LifeMoves is the largest provider of shelter and supportive services in California’s Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Their custom Nonprofit Success Pack solution included an integration with the federally-mandated Homeless Management Information System. LifeMoves was also able to leverage AppExchange Apps for SMS text messaging and surveys, enabling them to collect data from former clients to better analyze their program and its impact on their clients’ lives. “Few, if any, other organizations that serve homeless people have this type of intelligence. We outlined our goals to end homelessness and Cloud for Good has assisted us in transforming the way we interact with the clients we serve,” said Craig Garber, LifeMoves’ Chief Financial Officer. Learn more and watch our powerful video with them here.

Common Sense Media is the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. We had a great time working with them to implement Salesforce across 7 departments, breaking down departmental silos. Just after one year, this resulted in a 240% increase in the number of certification submissions while decreasing processing time by 75%. Common Sense Media is a great example of how NPSP can be the single-source of truth for an organization, increasing both transparency and data accuracy. “Before the implementation, our thinking was that every individual belonged to a specific department because they were the ones who communicated with them. Today, we look at individuals as Common Sense Media constituents vs. the development constituent or program constituent,” said Gordon Lee, Common Sense Media’s Salesforce Solutions Architect. Learn more and watch our video with Common Sense Media here.

To each of these organizations, thank you for trusting Cloud for Good to be your Salesforce implementation partner. All of us at Cloud for Good are elated that we’ve been a part of your Salesforce journey and look forward to continued projects, optimization and collaboration.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Cloud for Good!