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Happy Father’s Day from Cloud for Good

Happy Father's Day from Cloud for Good

Father’s Day is a day, which comes once a year, dedicated to celebrating fathers, grandfathers, and other influential father-figures in one’s life. This Father’s Day, our Goodies would love to share some Father’s Day sentiments.

“To me, being a good dad can be a lot of things, but one of the biggest is putting your children above yourself. There were so many times when my dad could’ve stayed sitting on the couch when I wanted to practice pitching, refused a hug after just finishing mowing the lawn, continued doing work on the computer instead of playing a game of Candyland. For every bruise on his shin from fielding my wild throws, for every grass-stained/sweat-drenched hug, for every excited giggle when I drew the “ice cream cone” card… it meant more to me than he’ll ever know. He didn’t have to do it, maybe even shouldn’t have rationally done it, but he did those things and so many others because it meant the world to us. Happy Father’s Day to my hero and to all the dads out there.” – Bryan Gould, Vice President of Sales, Cloud for Good

“I am beyond blessed to have a partner who knocks the socks off being a Dad. He lights up our daughter’s world and is so hands-on and amazing!” – Amanda Bittner, Cloud Consultant, Cloud for Good

“Once I became a father, it was and still is, the best job in the world. Having a solid foundation to work from, and a great father as a role model allowed me to have a solid framework to build on as I became a father. I can’t thank my dad enough for the love, care, guidance, teaching, discipline, and time he spent with my brothers and I. My hope now is that I can meet and exceed those standards for my own children!” – Keith Watters, Account Executive, Cloud for Good

“My father is a truly incredible man. He has always put the needs of others before himself, provided for his family, and relentlessly protected my mother, brother, and myself. There is a special bond between fathers and daughters, especially when your father is the smartest gentleman in the room! Happy Father’s Day, Bill Tate!” – Jenn Tate, Marketing Director, Cloud for Good

“Having my two girls has been the biggest blessing in my life, and I’m so grateful to be a part of an organization that values and celebrates our loved ones too!” – Eric McCune, Senior Account Executive, Cloud for Good

“My husband is everything to the kids and me.  I could go on for pages on why I love him and why he’s an excellent dad. Humility, humor, kindness, compassion, just to name a few. – Natasha Busam, Finance Manager, Cloud for Good

“My dad has taught me so much throughout my life (how to drive, how to follow through on your jump shot, how to grill the perfect steak), but I think it’s the things he inherently passed on to me (wit, sarcasm, hustle, thoughtfulness) that I’ve learned to appreciate most.  Love you, Pops.  Happy Father’s Day!” – Blake Becker, Content Writer, Cloud for Good

“My dad is truly an inspiration because he has overcome so much adversity to provide a great life for my sister, mother, and myself. He is incredibly hardworking, kind, always puts his family first, and is hands-down one of the funniest people I’ve ever encountered. I am so thankful to have been blessed with such a wonderful father. Happy Father’s Day, love you!” – Taylor Bugg, Marketing Coordinator, Cloud for Good


Cloud for Good wishes all of the fathers out there a safe and happy day full of love and joy!