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Getting the Most From Technology With Salesforce Digital 360

Salesforce Digital 360 has become the new industry standard for creating more meaningful customer experiences through digital-first solutions.  Connecting the power of marketing, commerce, and online experiences, Salesforce’s suite of digital solutions grants businesses the ability to reach their customers like never before.  Meeting customers where they are is a perpetual priority for any ambitious business, and Digital 360 provides the capabilities to understand each customer better, allowing for more insightful and meaningful experiences between the business and the customer.  

“It’s important for our customers to have impactful, intuitive, seamless online experiences so they can run their organization around their businesses,” said Cloud for Good Founder and CEO Tal Frankfurt in a recent interview discussing Digital 360 with members of the Salesforce team.  Cloud for Good is a Salesforce consulting firm creating transformational value for higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations.  As the 2021 Premium Consulting Partner of the Year in both the higher education and nonprofit spaces, Cloud for Good has seen firsthand how impactful the customization capabilities of Digital 360 can be for both institutions and organizations alike.  

So, what exactly is Digital 360?  Simply put, Digital 360 is built around the complete integration of Salesforce’s Marketing, Commerce, and Experience Clouds; the top-rated cloud-based services available today.  Each of these clouds provides expert assistance, broader partner ecosystems, and unique value propositions for clients looking to build and adapt their digital platform.  In their simplest terms, here are the aspects of each cloud that comprise Digital 360:  

  • Marketing Cloud – Creates a way of managing marketing relationships and campaigns with customers.  
  • Commerce Cloud – A multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across mobile, social, web, and store channels.  
  • Experience Cloud – An encompassing digital platform that helps companies build connected CRM-powered digital experiences.  


One of the key components of Digital 360’s ability to drive growth with customer-first digital experiences comes from data-driven campaigns.  These campaigns strengthen constituent experiences and deliver greater impact through consolidated and connected data made possible through a single source of truth for each customer.  Universities can use Digital 360 to accommodate online learners with intuitive AI that recommends courses based on the learner’s academic history; nonprofit organizations can leverage giving history to craft high-impact email and SMS campaigns that turn one-time donors into recurring givers.  “Digital 360 is giving universities and nonprofits an advantage over other universities and nonprofits that aren’t utilizing these tools.  It allows them to cater to, serve, and delight their customers in the same way for-profit organizations operate,” Frankfurt continued.  

Both digital transactions and online giving have skyrocketed following COVID-19.  You’ve probably noticed some of these changes in your own life, whether it be through retail stores and restaurants offering curbside pickup, nonprofits hosting virtual events, or your school incorporating more and more remote learning opportunities.  The for-profit and nonprofit companies that adapted accordingly and accommodated their customers’ digital shifts have excelled tremendously.  Those who have met this evolution with resistance have likely encountered more challenges.  

“Customers remember two experiences: the really good and the really bad.  Everything else kind of falls by the wayside.  We don’t want to be on that bad spectrum, nor do we want to fall off customer radars, so this technology has worked wonders in creating those exciting experiences that we remember positively,” added Jenn Tate, Cloud for Good’s Marketing Director.  Positive touchpoints achieved with Digital 360 are key to keeping students and constituents engaged over time, keeping organizations and institutions competitive, accessible, and desirable to their audiences.  The solutions lend themselves to marketing, selling, and engaging audiences at any time, from anywhere.  

And these solutions are emerging at the most pertinent time.  “We’re seeing a dramatic increase in online giving and online tractions within the nonprofit space,” Frankfurt explained, “We think digital is here to stay.  Technology is enabling a good customer experience that leads directly to loyalty being created.”  However, with more information being gathered and utilized, the importance of protecting that loyalty becomes an increasing priority over time.  Frankfurt continues, stating, “We need to think about why we need data and, even more importantly, what we’re going to do with that data.”  It’s key for an organization to consider how data drives decision-making, how it will improve interactions with constituents, and how it will help achieve key goals. Keep these thoughts in mind when considering how to boost communications, raise more money, or provide better services and programs.  

Salesforce Digital 360 offers customizable tools to streamline every aspect of your business, combining industry-leading marketing, commerce, and experience clouds to help create seamless online interactions.  To learn more about how Digital 360 can help you get the most out of your technology, reach out to Cloud for Good today.

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