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Cloud for Good at Dreamforce 2015!

We’re all still jazzed about everything we saw and learned at Dreamforce! The Lightning Experience! The Admin Zone and keynote! The Developer Zone! The list could go on and on. Each of our team members took away something from this year’s conference and we are all focused on closing out this year and moving forward with new tools in our belts.

We previously published a post about sending our entire team to Dreamforce and we did just that – well, everyone who could attend. This was important to us, as many of us do not get to see each other in person on a regular basis. The day before Dreamforce started, we all got together for a day of professional development. We focused on how we can serve our clients better, where we want to grow and how we can all work together to further our mission, and the missions of our clients. It was a wonderful experience (as you can see by the pictures below) and we even got together to create masterpieces!

In case you weren’t able to attend, or if you were in attendance and missed seeing us, don’t worry!  We’ve got pictures from our events and links to our sessions. Take a few minutes to relive some of the moments you most enjoyed and take a peek at some of ours.

How to Stop Seeing Double: Building Matching Rules to Prevent Dupes was hosted by our very own Kelly Hardebeck. She suffered a few technical difficulties (imagine that?), but Aiden Martin stepped in to help!  Kelly also spoke at Know How to Flow in the Admin Zone, which wasn’t recorded for your viewing pleasure.

Scott Thornton from Cloud for Good and Scout Sanders from Education Pioneers presented in the Foundation Zone, Demo: Analytics and BI Tools that Work for Nonprofits AND for Salesforce.  We’ll update this post when the recording becomes available, but we do have a picture of Scout and Scott!

Jen Nelson and Tal Frankfurt presented at the Implementation Best Practices to Maximize Your CRM Investment.  It was an early session but they were full of energy!

Emily Loose presented Seeing vs. Doing: Understanding Learning Styles for Successful Training in the Admin Zone! Sadly, her presentation wasn’t recorded, but you can see her discussing the three main learning styles.

Rachel Natik presented The ABCs of Salesforce for the Beginner Admin in the Admin Zone. Her session wasn’t recorded either, but we enjoyed her discussion!

Kestryl Lowrey from Cloud for Good and Bob Jackson from Canal Alliance partnered for Demo: Managing the Constituent Overlap, from Fundraising to Case Management.

We later spotted Kestryl, along with Paige and Benjamin working the Genius Bar in the Foundation Zone.  Did you stop by and see them?

Tara and Danny spent a lot of time in the Foundation Zone. Sometimes wearing a hat, sometimes not. Did you try on a cloud hat?  The new one was a big hit!

Look who visited our booth! Everyone wanted to get their picture taken with a Cloud for Good hat and/or with Nik in his cloud suit. Did you spot Nik at Dreamforce? Do you have pictures to share? We’d love to see them.

In case we missed you this year, we hope to see you next year!