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Don’t Have An App Attack!

You have heard about the AppExchange and it looks like there are several applications (apps) that may help your mission, however, there are so many to choose from. More importantly there are steep discounts for nonprofits and even free apps out there that are quite useful, but how do you find them? With more than 2,000 available apps and after more than two million downloads, it makes sense to see what the AppExchange has to offer for a nonprofit and educational organizations. Here are a few applications we like and often implement for our clients.



Donation Split

This FREE app is offered by us! The Cloud for Good Donation Split application was designed to help nonprofit organizations in their fundraising and donor management efforts. With this application you can easily record how funds should be allocated between multiple designations and budgetary years. Our designations and budget charts will provide you with a quick overview of your fundraising efforts including total donations raised by a budget year and total funds raised for each program.

Follow this link to download the application from the AppExchnage and don’t forget to add a review for us:


Demand Tools

This is a free app for nonprofits and one that any admin and organization should utilize. This powerful tool helps with several areas such as importing data, cleaning & standardizing data, data manipulation without requiring import or export, removing duplicates, comparing external data to salesforce data, and more. I can’t say that it makes data migration fun, but definitely more approachable. Take it for a test drive and discover its usefulness. Follow this link to download it from the AppExchange.

Dupe Catcher

Here’s another free app for your organization. This one specializes in catching possible duplicates from entering your system at their point of entry (contacts, accounts, & leads). Dupe Catcher gives you full control of the dedupe process and allows you to choose which data to keep and which to toss out. It’s quite possible that another staff member met the same person at your most recent event. Dupe Catcher will notify you before you double up on records. For more information and to download it click this link.


Conga Composer

Well this app isn’t free, but it is heavily discounted for nonprofits. Conga Composer allows you to generate thank you letters, tax receipts, event invitations, proposals, documents, labels, and more in just a few clicks. It will extract information across objects and merge them into your documents or letters for easy delivery. Use this app to quickly generate thank you letters to everyone who attended your gala dinner last night and gave more than $50. Click the link for more information.


Survey Force

Create a custom survey from your salesforce CRM with this free app. Survey Force enables you to create and distribute surveys via email. This gives your constituents a convenient way to send back important information for your organization. When submitted, the results are automatically entered into Salesforce and you will be able to compile reports and even display results in dashboards. This is a simple tool that can be used for program evaluation, general feedback, and even event registration.


Vertical Response

Vertical Response is one of the most common Email Service Providers nonprofit organizations use, mainly because of their 10,000 email per month donation. Vertical Response gives you a quick answer to building email campaigns, postcards, or event marketing using professional looking templates (they have about 700 templates for you to choose from).

Campaign Combiner

This is a free app that is well worth downloading. Created by Groundwire, Campaign Combiner is a Visualforce page that will allow you to sort through multiple campaign members and add them to a target campaign or exclude members who are assigned to multiple campaigns. This app allows for easy merging for campaign members needing to be added to an additional campaign. You will also be able to include or exclude campaign members based on their member status. Do you ever need to access a previous campaign and add all the members to a new email campaign? This is an answer for compiling historical campaign information and applying it to current campaigns.

Get more information from the App Exchange.


Cloud 2 You

Here is a free app that is well worth exploring. Cloud 2 You simplifies the process of sending letters, newsletters, greeting cards, post cards, and more. No more bringing stacks of outgoing mail to the post office since you can send mail from several places in Salesforce with a click of a button. Choose your template; write your message, and send, it’s that simple. Additionally, there is no minimum number to be sent at any time. Send one stay in touch postcard to a new contact from a recent event or send hundreds of thank you letters to your recent donors. Lastly, at 99 cents per letter or greeting card you can’t go wrong.

DocuSign Electronic Signatures (e-signature)

This app is not free but can be leveraged to save time and eliminate wait times between receiving, reviewing, signing, and mailing documents, forms, or contracts. This may be a good solution for event registration forms that require signatures, school release or medical forms, and even financial aid forms. And what about using this app for case management? Considering the amount of forms that need to be signed and approved, it would ease tension to know that the e-signatures are built with intricate identity management and authentication solutions to ensure that they are legally binding.

Read more about this app on the App Exchange.



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