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Coaching Corps: Empowering Sports Programs with Salesforce

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Coaching Corps works to improve the health, educational and social outcomes for kids living in struggling communities through the power of service and sports. They are a Corps of motivated college students and community members who serve as volunteer coaches, mentors and role models in afterschool sports programs serving girls and boys who live in some of the most under-resourced communities in the United States. Coach Corps exists to ensure that for all kids, the opportunity to run, play, learn, be coached and work with a team is a given, not a luxury.


  • In order to match prospective coaches to a coaching opportunity, Coaching Corps staff had to contact coaches and partners individually, via phone and/or email, in order to capture their respective availability and coach needs.
  • Information was managed in multiple Excel spreadsheets and it was not possible to view the cumulative data in real time.
  • Staff were spending a significant amount of time inputting data, following up with volunteers and partners, all in an effort to keep the data in their spreadsheets up to date. A lengthy 12 step process.
  • Spreadsheets with the coach placement details were not readily available to others in the organization.
  • The process to identify open positions and available volunteers/coaches was very time consuming. There was no way to do specific searches for the information needed.


Cloud for Good created an integrated solution on the Salesforce platform that allowed for greater accessibility and visibility throughout the organization. An integrated volunteer application was also created, which automatically sends data from prospective coaches and partners directly into Salesforce. A Salesforce portal was also created which has helped empower both after-school program partners and volunteers.  Once approved to use the system, coaches and partners receive an authenticated login and are able to update their profiles. Coaches can update their coaching availability, submit coaching requests for staff review, and see their coaching history. Partners can submit their coaching needs, review potential coach matches and are directly involved with the coach selection process.

coaching corps portal

“We chose Cloud for Good because we felt that their approach was very grounded.  We wanted to find someone we would be comfortable working with on such an important project. From the beginning Tal was very responsive to answering questions and his proposal was very straight forward. I felt very confident that we would not be faced with unexpected hidden costs. The unexpected bonus was discovering that Tal and his team are such a valuable resource in learning how to navigate these new technologies,” said Gladys Neroda, Program Manager in Research & Evaluation with Coaching Corps.


All of the key volunteer placement information is now centrally located in one system. Coaching Corps staff can now easily accept digital applications, track open positions, manage partner requests and easily pull reports to know where their efforts would be best spent. The Program Director can also now monitor the progress of each of the regions on an ongoing basis, since information is no longer tied to one employee’s computer.

“Staff outside of our home office are now able to access the same, up-to-date information. Additionally the Program Director now has the ability to pull real-time reports and dashboards to monitoring the progress towards our goals on a daily basis. I am certain that this new system will be the key to Coaching Corps’ goal of scaling nationally,” added Neroda.

The system also allows the organization to further grow and add new functions. They plan to add a learning management system which will be integrated into Salesforce as well as adding more donor tracking functionality in the future.

“Cloud for Good has created a beautiful state of the art portal for our coaches and partners to use. Cloud for Good was so wonderful to work with; they understood our needs and did an excellent job translating them to technology.”

We presented this case study at the Bay Area Nonprofit User Group, here are the slides:

Click here for a printer-friendly version: Coaching Corps Case Study