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Cloud for Good was chosen to be one of the venture showcases at the 2011 Tennessee Next Conference

Press Release


On May 5th, 2011, Tal Frankfurt, Founder/CEO of Cloud for Good, will pitch for the opportunity to win up to $25,000 at the 2011 Tennessee Next Conference. Cloud for Good, a Memphis based company, was selected from companies all of Tennessee to be one of the 24 technology venture showcases at the conference.

The technology venture showcase session will be moderated by Vic Gatto from Solidus Capital and will include a panel of venture capitalists and other start up experts who will select the winner for this category. Each winner will receive up to $25,000, mentoring, strategic advice, connections to customers through the TEN partnership founded by the Tennessee Technology Development.

About the Tennessee Technology Development:

Tennessee Technology Development Corporation (TTDC) is a legislative created, non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the formation and expansion of science and technology businesses in Tennessee. Considered to be a primary economic driver in the 21st century, science and technology industries have the potential to generate sustainable, long-term economic prosperity for the citizens and state of Tennessee.

About Cloud for Good:

Cloud for Good works with nonprofit organizations and educational institutions all over the world to create and implement strategic solutions based on cloud technology.  Most notably, the company focuses on Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) applications and Performance Management, especially and Google Apps.

About Tal Frankfurt:

Tal Frankfurt, Founder and CEO of Cloud for Good, was recently chosen to be one of the first Salesforce MVP Program members, an exclusive club representing the top 1% of the Salesforce community.

Prior to his involvement with, Tal was the Director of Resource Development for an Israeli nonprofit organization that worked with at-risk immigrant youth. He was looking for tools to better manage his donors, participants, and volunteers. It was through this experience that Tal learned about Salesforce. The adoption of Salesforce into his everyday work was what sparked the inception of Cloud for Good.

For more information:
Tal Frankfurt, [email protected], 901-213-6188.