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Cloud for Good Announces Migration Accelerators: Helping You Move from NGO Connect, Banner Advancement and Luminate CRM to Salesforce

August 13, 2019 [Asheville, NC] – Cloud for Good announces the launch of their Data Migration Accelerators designed to help nonprofit and higher education customers migrate from legacy Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) tools, like NGO Connect (NGOC), Banner Advancement and Luminate CRM, to Salesforce’s Nonprofit or Education Clouds.  

“We strive to be a partner to the nonprofit and higher education institutions we serve,” said Cloud for Good’s Founder and CEO, Tal Frankfurt. “Because we believe in the transformative power that Salesforce’s Nonprofit and Education Clouds can have on organizations in these sectors, we wanted to make it easier for them to switch from their legacy systems. We saw great success with our Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge migration accelerator, so we wanted to expand that experience to other legacy systems. Now, organizations can focus on how they can better manage their constituents and programs, raise more funds and increase their engagement in Salesforce without having to worry that their data won’t transition properly.” 

Cloud for Good has been making migrations easier since their 2013 launch of Over the Edge, a tool designed to help migrate clients from Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce. Now, not only have they improved the experience for their former Raiser’s Edge clients, but they’ve also increased their reach bringing the same accelerator advantages to encompass additional legacy systems.  

“We designed these tools to expedite data migration and drive user adoption,” said Dana Genson, Vice President of Services. “Our deep knowledge of these legacy systems combined with expertise on the NPSP and EDA Data Models enabled Cloud for Good to come to projects not only with the mapping logic but more importantly the data transformations necessary to leverage the features and benefits of the platform, our clients are seeing data transformed earlier in the development lifecycle and are up-and-running in Salesforce much quicker and experience less disruption in their day-to-day operation.” 

Frankfurt continued, “Cloud for Good has worked with many customers and legacy systems over the past nine years. From NGO Connect to Banner Advancement – In every case, Cloud for Good’s team of skilled consultants uses their combined experience of the nonprofit and higher education sectors and insight into the inner workings of both Salesforce and legacy systems to delight our customers.”  

Susan Ben, Vice President of Technology and Knowledge Sharing for the Ounce of Prevention Fund said, “Cloud for Good made the migration from NGO Connect to the Nonprofit Cloud and LEX an almost seamless transition.  The sprint-based approach to this significant undertaking was highly inclusive preparing our users for the migration.  During the migration, we were able to see our actual data throughout the entire process and went live over a weekend! Our Cloud for Good team showed their experience as an implementation partner who has worked within both the NGOC and NPSP, LEX architectures, and was able to predict our needs and suggest the best practices we needed for our implementation to be a success.” 

While Andre Allen, Director of Information Technology for CIFAR said, “The iterative methodology Cloud for Good uses allowed CIFAR to be nimble in our approach to our migration from Salesforce Classic and Luminate CRM to Lightning and Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. We were able to see, validate and clean up our actual data during the process, address our data quality issues early, and validate our data and processes throughout the project. This resulted in us being able to streamline some of our processes. One of the best parts of the data migration was going live in a weekend. We didn’t have any downtime that would have prevented our users from being productive within the Nonprofit Success Pack. It was one a great experience for our project team and end-users and allowed CIFAR’s business to swiftly continue with no downtime but with cleaner data and improvements to both processes and user experience.” 

You can find out more about Cloud for Good’s Migration Accelerators on the Salesforce AppExchange.  

About Cloud for Good 

Cloud for Good (, is a leading consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations and educational institutions create transformational value with business process improvement and implementation of technology solutions such as Salesforce. Founded in 2010, Cloud for Good is a certified B-Corp, 5 times Great Place to Work, 5 times Inc.5000 company and a Premium Partner. In addition, Cloud for Good has received some of the highest accolades in the nonprofit Salesforce ecosystem, including a Mastery in the Nonprofit Designation and the 2019 Partner of the Year – Nonprofits. Collaborating with nonprofits and educational institutions, Cloud for Good has helped organizations achieve results, innovate, and transform their operations. 

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