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Creating a Data Map When You’re Lost in Data!

A data map is a great way to document the process of uncovering the secrets of a data set. We use them for so many different reasons. To take a catalogue of what is in the old system. To take another catalogue of all the fields that are in the new system. To show a client where all their data is going and how.

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Moving House: Steps for a Successful Data Migration

It doesn’t matter if8ixn547AT you have 100 records or 1 million records, the data import phase of a project can seem like a daunting task. It’s kind of like moving a 5 bedroom house. There’s extracting the data from your old system, or gathering it from various places it may live. There’s prepping it for import by removing duplicates and making sure that email and phone number fields are formatted properly. And let’s not forget figuring out what pieces of data you actually want to bring over into the new system. Once these steps are completed, along comes the biggest piece – actually importing the data. This is either done by someone within your organization or by an outside consultant. A variety of tools are used, some magic is performed and then you have a new system with data that looks familiar to you.

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Migrating from Common Ground to NGO Connect: Tips for Migration

Switching between two systems is always a tough process. The data migration, getting used to something new, having to change the way you and your team does things. It’s enough to keep you on an old system for years after you probably should have moved off. But for Common Ground customers, the switch is inevitable and decisions have to be made, since that product is being retired.

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