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MS Excel Tools for Salesforce

As a Salesforce Admin, you have to be responsible for creating Salesforce data, maintaining that data and even extracting it so it can be analyzed and used by others. Over the years, there have been a number of Excel based tools that have been created to help Admins (and others) to perform these tasks. I often encounter Admins who don’t know any of these applications exist, so I thought it would be helpful to review the ones that I used.

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Six Simple Steps to Improve Your Salesforce User Experience

When configuring your Salesforce org, it is important to present your data in a manner that makes it easy for your users to access and interpret. If you hide a required field at the bottom of a page layout many of your users are going to become frustrated. I have seen many organizations spend countless hours and much effort configuring page layouts so information is presented in a logical, legible format. But you have to push forward! There are a number of other places where you should spend time configuring Salesforce to improve your users’ experience. Showing key information to your users when and where they need to see it will not only make things easier, but will improve data integrity as you provide the information they need to select the appropriate records.

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Invest in Your Salesforce Administrator

It took 11 years, but finally created an “Admin Zone” at their annual Dreamforce conference. They have a Developer Zone for the coders, a Foundation Zone dedicated to their nonprofit customers, a Small and Medium Business Zone and now one for Admins. Don’t get me wrong, wasn’t ignoring System Administrators in previous years. There have always been plenty of sessions dedicated to administrators of all skill levels. But having an Admin Zone and an Admin Keynote dedicated to administrators was recognition that Admins are a key resource for any organization, nonprofit or otherwise.

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Security vs Convenience: Securing Your Salesforce Org

When implementing Salesforce, we rightly focus on designing the system; what data do we need to input and the reports and dashboards we want as output. But have you thought about how your decisions regarding Salesforce’s security features can dramatically affect the overall security of your data.

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