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Addressing Data Quality Challenges

Guest blog post by Jesse Peterson from Experian QAS.


Understanding donors, constituents & volunteers and how to communicate with them is imperative to gaining attention in the nonprofit sector. Poor management of contact data can have dire consequences.  Nonprofit organizations collect contact data from multiple touch points, including call centers, websites, and paper forms and since this data is used in a number of processes that affect operations, how the data is managed can significantly impact marketing and fundraising results.

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date contact database helps to ensure open dialogue with donors. Consistent communication through relevant and targeted marketing messages will increase fundraising effectiveness and donor loyalty.  In addition, nonprofit organizations must ensure a positive customer experience at all touch points with the consumer. Fast and accurate contact data collection makes the process easy for donors, which in turn maximizes member acquisition and ultimately, retention.

By ensuring that all donor contact data is accurately captured at the point of entry and maintained over time, nonprofit and membership organizations can successfully match records to achieve a single view of each individual. With a single historic view of the individual’s relationship with the organization, the nonprofit can offer additional relevant products and services to effectively recognize the most loyal donors.

Experian QAS provides contact data management software and services that can help nonprofit organizations drive value from their data. QAS for Salesforce validated addresses, emails and phone numbers at the point of entry. The end result is that contact data is accurate, relevant, optimized and up to date.

Use Cases

Fresno Pacific University

FPU recognized that incorrect prospect addresses were affecting staff productivity, department costs, and prospect communications. QAS for Salesforce was implemented to help Fresno Pacific University to reduce data errors in Salesforce.  Jonathan Maher, Director of Systems Analysis & Salesforce System Administrator at FPU said “It was a no brainer for us. The tool is easy to enable, user friendly and consistent with our Salesforce workflow.”

Invisible Children

With over 190 volunteers doing data entry over the course of a year, Invisible Children was finding it increasingly difficult to train the volunteers and enforce data entry standards.  Liz Allen, Invisible Children’s Customer Engagement Director, chose QAS for Salesforce to clean their legacy data & ensure that all new data being entered into Salesforce was clean as well.  “The Batch tool allowed us to clean & verify addresses for nearly 400K contacts & over 30K accounts quickly & efficiently.  With real-time address validation seamlessly built into our workflow, we can be assured that physical mailers are going to a real address, giving us greater confidence in the return on a campaign and reducing wasted mail to nonexistent addresses.”

Building Changes
During their deployment of Salesforce, Building Changes used QAS Batch to clean up all the data they migrated into their new Salesforce database.  Nicholas Merriam, Building Changes’ Operations Manager, also deployed QAS’ Interactive Address Verification mode because it “is so intuitive that most users don’t need training. It’s easy enough that we can teach a volunteer who has little to no experience with Salesforce how to use the tool in a matter of minutes.”

Cross-Cultural Solutions

Cassandra Tomkin, Director of Operations at Cross-Cultural Solutions states, “QAS provides us with a simple, user-friendly system to ensure that mailing addresses are correct. The flexibility to validate this at the point of entry or at the batch level ensures this is a product that can be easily implemented across our organization, and provides several opportunities to verify accurate data. In addition, the standardization of our addresses saves a great deal of administrative time in manually configuring addresses, and ensures that these addresses are standardized for future use.”

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QAS for Salesforce combines four core modes of validation to ensure that contact data is captured accurately across all areas of organization. Addresses are verified to the suite or apartment level for over 200 countries.

QAS for Salesforce can also validate North American phone numbers and email addresses.  The seamless integration is user-friendly, consistent with the Salesforce workflow and can be configured to work within both standard & custom objects.

Salesforce Foundation customers can purchase modes independently or bundled together, depending on data quality needs.

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For more information:

Jesse Peterson | North America Partner Manager  |  t: 617-385-6781 |  [email protected]