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A New Year for Salesforce Resolutions

This is my favorite time of the year. The holidays are bringing families together, and as the year ends it is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what 2018 has brought. If you’re like me, you started out the new year with resolutions. Decisions aimed at making my life a little a healthier, happier and more productive. Throughout the course of the year, I’ve knocked out some big resolutions, lost track of others and even discovered some brand-new ones.

These resolutions remind me of the work we do here at Cloud for Good. We take pride in helping organizations create transformational tools using the Salesforce platform. When we finish implementations, we’ve left our clients with the tools they need to transform their organizational and operational efficiency. Routinely, we’ve met with organizations who have invested heavily in implementing their Salesforce solution only to find out it has grown stagnate over time. Much like those New Year’s resolutions, your Salesforce and business technology need to be nurtured with feature releases training, updating packages, and user adoption. This year, Cloud for Good is here to help you stick to your 2019 resolution for increasing Salesforce utilization within your organization.

Right now I am sure you are thinking, “Yeah, but I don’t have time to manage an enhancement plan, research solutions, test them, deploy them, train my team, and lead User Enablement workshops!”

Trust us, we know. That is why we are debuting service plans to do just that. By partnering with Cloud for Good you can leverage one of our Managed Services plans to set your organization up for continued success within the Salesforce platform.

Basic Support:

Are you a Salesforce Administrator that needs that lifeline in 2019? The Basic Support Managed Services Package can help you work on exciting new initiative with issue resolution from a Salesforce Expert. You’ll empower your existing Salesforce administrator with the gift of on-demand help with your existing packages, integrations and third-party applications.

Concierge Support:

Does your organization have a wish list for 2019 and need some help rolling those features out successfully? Do you have users that struggle to fully embrace the Platform? Do you hear “Well that is not how we did it in The Raisers Edge?” more than once a week? Then Concierge Support was made for you. Cloud for Good has invested years into perfecting how we help Organization implement Salesforce. Now, we are looking to do the same for your ongoing success one the implementation concludes. With Concierge Support, you get a designated support resource to act as an extension of your team. This includes proactive issue resolution, enhancement services and ongoing user enablement.

Strategic Support:

Are you looking at Salesforce as your technology solution for your organization to leverage over the next several years? Do you have a strategic vision for your growing organization and need a partner to help you successfully complete the Journey? Well, look no further! With Strategic Support, we are taking things to the next level. Not only will your organization receive a part-time Cloud for Good resource, but they’ll also bring the industry experience necessary to help navigate your organization through the journey ahead. This strategic partnership with Cloud for Good helps provide you with thought leadership, technology and organizational strategic planning, as well as hands-on system enhancements.

With resolutions aimed at improving your organizational and operational efficiencies, you can’t afford to let your 2019 Salesforce Resolutions slide. The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone! We’d love to talk more about how we can help you make 2019 your best year yet!

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