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The Cloud for Good Badges application

Phone applications have the power to consolidate our most valuable Salesforce business processes and allow us to take them on the go.  Linking the ease and accessibility of our mobile devices with the expansive, dynamic power of the Salesforce platform can yield massive results for the missions of both nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions your mission.  Cloud for Good recognizes the importance these apps play in the success of these organizations and institutions and are committed to enabling your success.  That’s why we’ve made an app of our own.  

personalized Alerts

The Cloud for Good Badges application provides personalized visualizations that alert, inform, and engage every user.  As your dedicated Salesforce implementation partner, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best tools available to ensure your Salesforce success.   

Through an intuitive design and encyclopedic knowledge base, these visual representations provide your Salesforce users with key information at a glance.  Each enabling feature within the application will serve as a welcomed addition to your overall strategy.  Allowing your organization to save time, promote efficiency, and propel the mission. 

The Cloud for Good Badge App makes it easy for you to highlight your major donors, volunteers, VIPs, and other special constituent types with visual indicators at the top of your records through Salesforce badges.  Don’t get sidetracked pulling all manner of Salesforce report types and searching for specific data.  Streamline your badges experience and engage with the tools designed to get you what you need, when you need it most. 


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Deisgned with our clients in mind

Custom Salesforce Notifications

This app was designed with our clients in mind.  From nonprofit organizations to higher education institutions, the Badges App experience was built from the ground up with user success as a top priority.  Equipped with configurability to match your organization’s processes, you can even create your own custom badges on Contacts and Accounts with criteria defined by your unique organization.  What if you could easily track down which donors have given gifts over $1,000 in the past year, or conversely track the donors that haven’t given a gift in over five years?  This process could be time consuming and strenuous depending on your set-up, but with the Cloud for Good Badge App, your data collection process will be greatly benefitted by a concise layout and smart menus providing a wealth of information at a glance.  The Badge application makes this possible by allowing you to design your own badges that can be automatically presented at the top of their contact record based upon the existence of the gift level condition. 

Do you want to quickly see which constituents attend a function your organization held in New York City?  Perhaps you have an event that went virtual and you want to track what constituents attended to help inform your attendance records and digital marketing strategy.  Now, you can design a badge that will alert your end users that a Contact or Household has attended your gala in New York or your virtual eventall while leveraging different badges for other attended events.  This system of interconnected communication helps to bolster your data integrity and strengthen the overall system.  The more information you can gather from your constituents and their experience, the more informed and refined your business processes can become.  Gain more control of your data and leverage it to create quantifiable, transformative change through your Salesforce technology. 

This app is compatible with Salesforce Classic and the Lightning Experience.  No matter the version of your Salesforce environment, the app will work seamlessly with your instance and allow your Badges to possess the potential of helping your staff quickly understand important information about your Contacts and Accounts.  It also cuts down on the time needed to process that vital information, all within an easy to read, smart design. 

Compatable with All Cloud For Good Applications

You can even take the benefits of our Badges App a step further and use it in conjunction with the Cloud for Good Interests app to visually flag contacts with specific interests or preferences, allowing you to quickly see which constituents have expressed interest in specific activities that you may track with Cloud for Good Interests.  Using these applications in tandem grants an unparalleled level of accessibility and utility to your Salesforce business processes, unlocking a world of potential for your business management and data integrity.  Download the Cloud for Good Badges App and take your Salesforce business management to the next level on the go.