As a nonprofit organization your team is most likely juggling multiple responsibilities every day to help you achieve your mission. With so many responsibilities it is essential that your staff doesn’t get stuck spending valuable time on manual tasks that can be automated. That is where Cloud for Good can help. With our years of experience we have helped all kinds of organizations improve their efficiencies and maximize their value by allowing them to better utilize their time. With a combination of your requirements and our experience we will improve your processes and improve how you deliver all kinds of programs. We will help you work smarter and faster.


Many organizations are spending countless hours and resources on inefficient manual operations. Cloud for Good will help you streamline your case management process, simplify your processes and automate how you resolve your various cases. Additionally, we will improve how you manage the progression of your cases from intake to resolution. All of your constituent information will be in once location to provide you team with a 360 degree view of your constituents and how they are utilizing your services.


When organizations deliver valuable resources to their constituents through their workshops it is all too common that vital constituent information is lost after the workshop is completed. Cloud for Good helps organizations improve how they capture online enrollment information, process fees online, manage multiple meetings, track meeting attendance, and more! Read more about our solution here.


When building alignment and accelerating your mission collaboration, among staff, volunteers, members, funders and supporters is key. Utilizing tools like Salesforce Chatter, your staff can connect with the expertise of your entire organization, helping you get answers to questions, find the right information and work smarter.

Are you ready to become a connected nonprofit? Reach out to us today!

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