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How Talent for Good Transforms Salesforce Staffing

Cloud for Good 2023 Talent for Good success story - How Talent for Good Transforms Salesforce Staffing

Achieving true technology transformation requires investing significant time from your staff during implementation and committing to its day-to-day maintenance once your system is in place.  Having unfilled positions, especially for your CRM, could mean stifling innovation and slowing down your technology projects.

One prestigious land-grant research university located in Massachusetts has engaged with Cloud for Good on several projects and was excited to launch the next step in its technology transformation.  The institution needed to immediately fill a position in order to provide support alongside its latest Salesforce CRM project.

Building Dependable Talent Pipelines

As a result of the successful partnership with Cloud for Good, the institution saw Talent for Good as a natural fit to help provide immediate talent that was ready to plug in without the need for a traditional talent search conducted through recruiting and industry-standard job postings.  Now, a dedicated Talent for Good Salesforce Analyst has joined the institution’s team, saving months of time and significant internal resources.

Furthermore, the Talent for Good Analyst has allowed the institution to dedicate resources towards internal support of the Cloud for Good project and to have strong alignment across teams to increase connections with the current and future states of the project.  Following completion of the project, the goal of the Talent for Good Analyst will be to continue on at the university, provide ongoing support to the users as the institution’s primary Salesforce system administrator, and add capacity for the institution’s team to take on additional projects and implementations with consultants.

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Contract-to-hire Solutions

The contract-to-hire model worked well for the institution, as it allowed the right person, at the right time, to immediately fill the position and mitigate risks associated with making the wrong hiring decision.  The value of contract-to-hire was also made apparent by the Talent for Good Analyst’s ability to directly obtain experience with the institution’s systems and culture, making their transition to a full-time resource at the institution all the more seamless.

Key leadership at the institution voiced their support for the contract-to-hire solution as a way to bring in higher quality talent that leads to greater retention when compared to other contractor staffing solutions available today.  Most contractors are looking for a full-time position and will quit the contract job once they find a job.  The value was made clear in the Analyst having access to Cloud for Good’s resources and team as a way to circumvent bureaucracy often associated with human resources practices, hesitation to approve talent, and taking a “try before you buy” approach.

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Continued Relationships, Strengthened Partnerships

Because the institution’s experience with Talent for Good on the Cloud for Good project went so well, the institution again engaged Talent for Good to fill additional vacancies in two different departments.  This particular instance pertained to an open Salesforce Administration position left vacant for over a year.  Salesforce Services had been used to supplement this gap, but it became clear that a more permanent solution was necessary.  The institution’s goal was to have a position in-house dedicated to CRM responsibilities, such as user support, case management, and data cleanliness to free up the leadership team.  This allows said leadership to move back into a role of oversight of the broader Salesforce initiatives at the institution.

After over a year of unsuccessful recruiting, Talent for Good was utilized and immediately provided the right person for the difficult-to-fill role.  This Talent for Good Analyst stepped right in, providing familiarity with the working environment and the knowledge necessary to make an immediate impression.  Now, the institution has access to a full-time extension of its team ready to perform system administrator duties and allow leadership to scale up and build toward a more impactful future.

Talent for Good provides your organization with vetted and specifically trained Salesforce talent for Salesforce-based roles.  If you or someone you know is facing hiring challenges in the Salesforce space, contact Cloud for Good today.

Written by Blake Becker

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