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Segmentation and Matching

You’ve got your data in Salesforce and you know your constituent’s preferences, interests, and personal data. But how do you use this data to better match your constituents to programs, build targeted appeal lists, or find the perfect Major Gift Officer to assign to your major donors? Salesforce reports can help give you a general list of contacts with the same preferences, but they don’t provide relevant match scores based on your specifically-ranked criteria. 

Target Accelerator

Salesforce Target Accelerator

The Cloud for Good Target Accelerator can take your Salesforce data and your personally-defined criteria (ranked either high, medium, or low priority) then provide you with scored, targeted results that you can use to make informed decisions. With the Cloud for Good Target Accelerator you’ll be able to:   


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Segmentation and Matching on Salesforce

Target Segmentation

Redefine how you’re able to plan your campaigns with Target Segmentation. Using our pre-defined set of rules, you’re able to pull hyper-targeted reports based on the data housed in your CRM, regardless of parent and child relationships. Create these segments directly in Salesforce and easily push members back into your Salesforce Campaigns for the perfect list for your next appeal campaign or for getting the right volunteers at your next big event.

Target Matching

Your constituents have come to expect personalized experiences based on the information you’ve collected over their lifetime with your institution or organization. Salesforce has become the system of truth for compiling data from marketing, volunteering, programs, and so much more. With Target Matching, you’re able to use the data you’ve curated to help create strong relationships founded on data. Whether you’re matching mentors to mentees, students to internships, or volunteers to their next opportunity, you’re sure to make the right choice with our ranked matches based on your specific criteria.

How We’ve Seen Success

The possibilities for how you use the application are limitless. Here are just a few of the ways we’re seeing success:  

Research suggests that a collaborative mentoring relationship, established when mentors and mentees are matched by having similar interests, gender, and/or ethnic backgrounds, are more likely to thrive. In the past, this match could have been achieved by keeping files on each mentor and mentee and running basic reports or filtering Excel lists multiple times in order to find potential matches. Now, with the Cloud for Good Target Mentorship Match application, this can be done by simply creating your ranked list of priorities, selecting your mentee, and making a match. A task that would have once taken hours, now takes only minutes.  

Matching job listings to potential applicants has never been easier. Find qualified candidates in your system by utilizing the Target Segment and Matching Data Accelerator. You’ll be presented with scored recommendations based on the job’s specific criteria.  

Fill your programs with qualified volunteersUse the list of scored matches to market specific opportunities that fit the volunteer’s interests and location. Easily change your criteria for each of your unique volunteer programs to increase your impact with the most appropriate and engaged volunteers selected.  

Looking to fill your empty class seats? Find candidates who are the best fit based on location, interest, age, or any mix of your specific criteria. Use the returned matches to offer the seats to your candidate with the highest percentage match first. Easily change your criteria for each of your unique programs to increase your impact with the most appropriate and engaged candidates selected 

Creating targeted lists is an essential building block to ensuring the success of your fundraising or marketing activities. You’re more successful when you reach the contacts in your system who will be most moved by your message, cause, or theme, and exclude those who aren’t a match. For some events, you may be looking to cast a wide net for any contacts in the area, while for others you may need a more targeted group of individuals. It’s up to you to set the criteria and add only the contacts who qualify to your campaigns. Easily update the criteria and run unique matches for each event or campaign you need