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Meet Nonprofits 101!

Cloud for Good is happy to provide and maintain the first Salesforce manual designed specifically for nonprofit organizations.  Consider this manual a service to the community of mission-focused organizations using the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to further their missions and increase their effectiveness.  At Cloud for Good, we work with nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions to create and implement strategic solutions based on cloud technology.   We are committed to listening and understanding the nonprofit community and as part of our commitment, we drafted this manual to help your organization maximize your investment in the platform. 

Comprised of an encyclopedic and comprehensive list of online resources, Salesforce best practices, and how-to guides, Nonprofits 101 can be directly configured into your Salesforce instance for continued support.  Add the Nonprofits 101 link to the sidebar on all your Salesforce pages for quick access to the education and information needed to propel your mission and take your business processes to the next level. 

Nonprofits 101 comes equipped with its very own user manual.  Across 9 separate chapters, this manual walks the user through getting started, common Salesforce tasks, data entering and management, running reports, how to properly administer your Salesforce environment, additional application support, and much more.  This manual and application can provide an in-depth introduction to Salesforce for users entirely new, as well as provide established users an easily accessible refresher if and when the time comes for a refresher.  

Nonprofits 101


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Nonprofits 101 Faq

We are offering it for FREE.  Yes, you heard correctly, free.  At Cloud for Good, we believe in providing our clients and their constituents with every resource available.  If it can benefit your organization and help deliver on your mission, we want to enable you through its free access. 

Provided and maintained by Cloud for Good, the Nonprofits 101 user manual is an expansive resource for nonprofit users and potential users of Salesforce.  The user manual includes everything from “How do I login to Salesforce for the first time?” to “Salesforce security settings.”  No matter your level of Salesforce experience, Cloud for Good’s Nonprofits 101 user manual offers quick access answers to your most important Salesforce questions. 

Cloud for Good was founded in 2010 after realizing the transformative effects Salesforce can have on all organizations and institutions.  With over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit and higher education spaces, Cloud for Good is recognized as both a certified Corporation and an Inc500 company.  With over 2,000 Salesforce implementations and numerous industry recognitions (Salesforce Master in the Nonprofit Designation, Education Specialist, and Nonprofit Partner of the Year, among others), Cloud for Good is proud to declare ourselves Salesforce experts that speak fluent nonprofit!  

Yes!  The manual is a living organism to which you can contribute via the “Contribute” link from within the manual.  Salesforce is continually evolving and adding powerful new features.  We rely on the feedback of our clients and team members to utilize their experience and contribute to the ever-changing conversation.  Please feel free to provide any and all feedback to improve the effectiveness of Nonprofits 101. 

Download the application from the AppExchange below.  It will add a new tab to your Salesforce account called CFG Salesforce 101.  Please note that Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance editions are currently supported.  There are no additional system requirements.  Just click on that tab to see this awesome resource and start experiencing its benefits! 

Download the app HERE.

Make sure to rate and review Cloud for Good’s Nonprofit 101 and leave us 5 stars if you found our knowledge resource beneficial!  You can also make sure to recommend this resource to your colleagues, and continually provide your feedback through the user manual contribution feature outlined above. 

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Featured User Reviews

“Nonprofit 101 distills the dizzying amount of online documentation, YouTube tutorials, and other available resources into an easier to understand and follow “User Manual.” It will be mandatory reading for our [organization’s] users.”
Dennis Reker
Community Review
“This is a great resource for getting acquainted with Salesforce. Overviews are easy to find and understand. As an administrator, I recommend this to help with training those new to Salesforce. Thanks so much!”
Teresa Amsbaugh
Community Review
“I think, no matter your starting point, this is a great resource for NFPs. Good depth of knowledge. Great use of screenshots to give step-by-step instructions. And also, great links to webinars and other resources!”
Phil Walton
Community Review