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Cloud for Good's Interest App

Cloud for Good has built a comprehensive new component used to track the interests of your constituents.  Optimized for the Salesforce Lightning experience, Cloud for Good’s Interest App is designed to help track both the interests and the preferences of contacts and accounts within your Salesforce organization.  These interests and preferences can range from communications preferences to focus areas, providing information on almost any piece of data that you want to track within one or more constituents, or types of constituents, can be efficiently reported on and then added to your revolving campaigns. 

Track Constituent's Interests and Preferences

The ability to track the interests and/or preferences of constituents is essential for any progressive nonprofit organization.  Time and time again, we find that our clients seek greater clarity of data and intention when it comes to what the constitution seeks to communicate.  More than simply a tool designed to facilitate the communication preferences of your constituents whether that be in the areas of program focus, types of advocacy alert, or volunteer opportunities, making it seamless and intuitive for your constituent to express an interest will greatly assist your organization. 

Neither Salesforce ‘out of the box’ nor the Nonprofit Success Pack provides this functionality, which is why Cloud for Good has built standard components that our customers can use to provide this type of tracking.  These components effectively link up with the rest of your Salesforce instance and work seamlessly together to deliver a more complete package of information gathering and analysis tools. 


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How it works

Interest Selection

The Interest selection functionality has been built as a component that can be easily dropped into either a Contact or a Household record page, allowing users to update the record without ever leaving the page. 

Cloud for Good interest App

Manage Interests Right From Your Salesforce Instance

Since these new features are components of the Salesforce Lighting experience, it can be added anywhere on a Lightning record page.  And since it’s available on a specific Lightning record page, you have the ability to allow access to the users you determine these components to be most beneficial.  By virtue of Salesforce page layouts and record types, you can control access to this tool as you see fit.  Components can be managed up to three levels deep: grandparent, parent, and child records are available.  Contact records utilize the interest components to customize general communications interests, determining whether or not individual contacts should be added to a newsletter or action alerts, for example.  Fundraising and special interests, too, can be managed and configured form within contact records, providing your organization with an unparalleled level of ease and customization in regard to your constituents’ experience with your organization. 

Bulk Interest Management

Bulk Interest Management can easily be utilized through the Salesforce App Launcher.  From there, the Bulk Interest Management tab can be added to any Salesforce application you choose.  The addition and/or removal of contacts from the Bulk Interest Management is a simple process providing quick and easy configuring of user preferences and interests.  Multiple entries at a time can be added or removed from newsletter lists, fundraising efforts, action alerts, special interests, and more. 

These interest management capabilities seamlessly integrate with reporting functionality to provide even greater customization of preferences across special interest industries.  These customization abilities provided through the Cloud for Good Interest App can positively affect individual users and large collections of users within an organization as well.   

The amount of data now accessible, from a reporting perspective, provides an unrivaled amount of visibility and configurability with your data.  For nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions looking to better understand their constituents, and better deliver on their unique missions, the Cloud for Good Interest App is the best tool available to help you gain a higher perspective. 

Additionally, we have created a tool to allow you the ability to bulk add or remove interests from Contacts or Households.  For example, you can tag everyone who lives in Massachusetts with an interest, you can do a quick search, select all or a subset of the records returned, and add the interest to their profile. 

Interest App Demo

In combination with Salesforce reporting and segmentation tools, you can use these Interests for mailing lists, campaigns, or other forms of outreach. Watch our demo of this app to see how your organization can put it to use.