You might say that we are crazy. You might say that we are out of our minds. But we really like to share and we are super committed to the nonprofit community. That’s why Cloud for Good announced today the first and only Salesforce manual for nonprofit organizations.

Meet Nonprofits 101!

Nonprofit 101


How much will it cost me?

We are offering it for FREE. Yes, you heard correctly, free.


What does the manual include?

The user manual includes everything from “How do I login to Salesforce for the first time?” to “Salesforce security settings.”


Can I contribute?

Yes! The manual is a living organism to which you can contribute via the “Contribute” link from within the manual.


So, how do I get it?

Click here to download the application from the AppExchange. It will add a new tab to your Salesforce account called CFG Salesforce 101. Just click on that tab to see this awesome resource.


How can I help?

Give us a 5 star review on the Nonprofit 101 listing.