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Hiring with Inclusiveness

In the effort to increase the diversity of technology companies, one area where efforts often break down is the hiring process. We would like to share some practical suggestions that worked for our team. Hopefully, our experience will be helpful to others in increasing the diversity of your team, whether it is racial, gender, sexual orientation or another dimension of diversity you are seeking.

#BestTeamEver: A True Story of Virtual Working

“So what does that mean that your company is virtual? Is your paycheck virtual too?” Those were the first questions my dad asked me when I told him I was applying to work at Cloud For Good. After assuring him the paycheck would be very real, I started to explain to him the wonders of the cloud and the idea that working from home is not some passing trend.

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Before You Build the House: Preparing to Implement Salesforce

Start with a budget! With Salesforce, a lot of functionality is available right “out of the box” for the base price. There are some things, like automation and integration, that potentially add line items (and thus, dollars) to the budget - you’ll need to decide whether you can afford those items up front, or whether you can continue some processes manually while you allocate budget to add those on later. Or, you might prioritize some apps, and decide you don’t really need the others at all.

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Seeing vs Doing: Understanding Learning Styles for Successful Training

Identifying learning styles among your users doesn’t need to involve having each user take a quiz or survey. You can likely identify some personality traits or tendencies that indicate one or several learning styles by simply getting to know a person. Making an effort to appeal to different learning styles in your training sessions and training materials could be a game changer for you and your end users.


A Nonprofit Guide to the Salesforce AppExchange

We have been hosting Apps for Good webinars over the last couple of years and we have written many great articles about the different apps that are commonly used by nonprofit organizations. I have compiled a quick guide to outline some of these incredible apps that can help you maximize your Salesforce instance.

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Best Practices

Creating a Data Map When You’re Lost in Data!

A data map is a great way to document the process of uncovering the secrets of a data set. We use them for so many different reasons. To take a catalogue of what is in the old system. To take another catalogue of all the fields that are in the new system. To show a client where all their data is going and how.

Volunteer Time Off: Engineering the Future

Everyone at Cloud for Good is passionate about nonprofits. I love hearing about all the different organizations everyone is involved with - the variety allows us to see how different nonprofits work and what solutions may be best for our clients. The nonprofits range from animal shelters to food banks to cultural events...and in my case, I'm heavily involved with competitive robotics.

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Cloud for Good: 2015 Year In Review

In 2015, Cloud for Good continued to show rapidly planned growth. We experienced over 60% employee growth, adding additional consultants and creating new positions. We completed over 280 projects during the year for 170 unique organizations, including Hamilton Family Center, Arts Midwest and Food Bank for New York City (just to name a few).