Salesforce Foundation Higher Education Summit 2015

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in the 3rd annual Salesforce Higher Education Summit at the University of Miami. I was joined by our CEO/Founder Tal Frankfurt, and our Vice President of Services Nik Panter who attended the original Summit at Wayne State University in 2013. He was able to confirm what I had already hypothesized by just walking towards the building. Times, they are a-changing!


Migrating from Common Ground to NGO Connect: Tips for Migration

Switching between two systems is always a tough process. The data migration, getting used to something new, having to change the way you and your team does things. It's enough to keep you on an old system for years after you probably should have moved off. But for Common Ground customers, the switch is inevitable and decisions have to be made, since that product is being retired.


Talk To Your Data

Every day there should be a conversation that happens between you and the data inside of your Salesforce instance. Starting that conversation is not always easy but in the end you and your data will be thrilled that you did.


Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Administrators

If you’re a Salesforce admin or power user, listen up! There are some great community-developed Chrome extensions meant specifically to enhance the Salesforce user experience. Have you ever been annoyed by a particular aspect of the Salesforce user interface or wished that Salesforce would automate an admin task that you perform regularly? The answer may already exist using a Chrome extension.