Wave Analytics

Catch A Wave and You’re Sitting on Top of the World

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud (aka Wave) is a strong contender for organizations that are already using Salesforce for some aspect of running their business. Wave allows organizations to pre-define dashboards and reports (called Lenses) based on data contained within Salesforce and imported from other systems, but it's real power is that those tools aren't static; users can drill into the data in different ways in order to answer different questions about how their business is doing.

Best Practices

Stages of CRM Adoption

Through my work as a Salesforce consultant I believe there are three key levels or “energy states” an organization can potentially occupy. They run from low-adoption, low-efficiency, up to high adoption and high efficiency. A key indicator of where your organization might be revolves around the use of reports. Let’s explore that a bit and learn more about these three states.


Data Proofing Your Salesforce Data

Data is a nonprofits best friend and should be treated as one of it's most powerful tools. Consider the information your organization may be recording on its donors, constituents, and programs. It is easy to understand that the data must be of the highest quality in order for it to be used effectively and lead to measurable success and growth. However, data entry is often a tedious job; left as a side thought to the other work that needs to get done.

Fund Raising

Leveraging NPSP’s Employer Gift Match Functionality to Take Your Fundraising to the Next Level

We all know that managing matching gifts can be a frustrating process for nonprofits, but it is becoming a far simpler and more worthwhile endeavor. The new version of NPSP offers great features for tracking these gifts, and nonprofits are given a new tool in managing this potential revenue stream. In this blog post I will go over how to access and then leverage this feature!

Workato Blog Post 4.18.16

The Secret to A Successful Nonprofit EcoSystem

Integration is when your cloud apps can seamlessly share data between each other. When this happens, there is no need to log in and out of different cloud apps or to copy information manually from your CRM (like Salesforce) to your accounting app (like Intacct or Quickbooks). There are a lot of cloud apps and services that offer "integration" but there are a few nonprofit specific points that must be met by the service in order to yield a fully functioning ecosystem.