Measure and Cut

Salesforce Implementation: Measure Twice, Cut Once

My parents liked to work with their hands – I learned to sew from my mother, and basic carpentry from my father. In both cases, the old adage of “measure twice, cut once” applied to what I was learning, and I often return to this principle when working with Salesforce. I’ve previously written about how organizations can support implementations for the long haul and considerations for best practice, but this blog is intended to be a reflection on how organizations can better “measure twice” during a Salesforce implementation and extend its functionality. Because in Salesforce, it’s easy to “cut once,” but cutting twice or more can sometimes mean substantial amounts of time and effort revising data, data architecture, and programming within the platform.


Apps for Good Webinar Series: roundCause

This blog post is part of the “Apps for Good Webinars” where awesome AppExchange providers like Click and Pledge, Conga, and Scribe will demo their applications and how nonprofit and educational organizations can use them to collect online donations, integrate with Google Apps, or create online forms. Register for future webinars here. roundCause is the best in class constituent engagement suite available on for fundraising, development, volunteers, grants and event management. roundCause is being implemented throughout the Salesforce nonprofit and higher ed ecosystem. It is designed as a native tool thus allowing you to implement the application and easily extend Salesforce into other areas of your nonprofit’s programs/services and social enterprise departments. logo
Management Time for Another Look

One of the biggest obstacles to using to effectively manage goals was that it wasn’t integrated with, so there was no automated way to record progress - instead, someone had to manually go in and update progress against goals. Although not insurmountable, anything that requires manual entry should (in my opinion) be avoided like the plague! In the last year has worked to address this shortcoming and added several important enhancements that make it worth taking another look at.

Fund Raising

The 360 on roundCause

Even on a powerful platform like Salesforce, we’ve all had moments where we need a little bit more. Maybe your nonprofit is using the Non-Profit Starter Pack (NPSP) for a while and you’ve found that you need more robust support for managing your fundraising and your donors’ preferences. Maybe you’re new to Salesforce and you know that you need it tailored to complex nonprofit business processes. Either way, when your nonprofit reaches a certain point in your approach to CRM, it may be time to consider an application like roundCause. roundCause is a comprehensive application for nonprofits built on the Salesforce platform. It has a robust set of features for fundraising, marketing and communications, events, and overall relationship management. It offers 360 degree view of your donors and volunteers, as well as empowering you to track and increase constituent engagement.


How To Remove Complexity From Your Implementation Process

When using Salesforce to run your organization, there comes a point where the complexity of your implemented solution process may cause your users to complain, or sometimes even stop using your system. Over the last fifteen years I have heard so many complaints about business applications that point back to an issue of complexity. You can avoid it, learn how.