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Dance Me To The End – 5 Tips for After Dreamforce

As with all good things, Dreamforce inevitably comes to an end, we all find our way back home, and for the briefest of moments, we have that small pause that comes when the music ends, and the realities of our day to day jobs return. But how do we continue to dance through the year with the same zeal and fervor that comes from Dreamforce? Here are five tips that I have used over the years to ensure that the love of Dreamforce does not come before the next year’s event!


4 Steps to Become Salesforce Analytics Cloud Ready

This new Salesforce Analytics Cloud helps “everyday users” (not trained analysts) make informed decisions. However, implementing this technology would require a significant commitment from your organization. Here are a few tips to make your implementation of the Analytics Cloud easier.

How Dreamforce Changed Me

For me, 2013 was the first year I was able to attend Dreamforce and I must say I had no clue what to expect. Sure I asked veteran team members, "Where should I go? What should I see? How do I maximize my experience?" More often than not I heard the same answer: See as much as you can and enjoy the experience because it will be over before you know it.

Best Practices

Making Your Back Office Hum with Salesforce

All companies, whether for or nonprofit, need to hire and onboard new employees. In many cases, the hiring process may be run through a job board system that handles the posting of job applications, interview scheduling, ratings, etc. Here’s an example of a common back-office process that can be made more efficient with some very simple automation in Salesforce.

Best Practices

Your Organization Needs a Salesforce Administrator – Could It Be You?

At many nonprofits, and in particular at smaller organizations, staff members tend to wear many hats. There may not be someone who has “administer Salesforce” written into their job description, just as there may not be someone on staff who is responsible for maintaining the website, putting antivirus software on the computers, or fixing the printer when it jams. Nonetheless, those are all important tasks, and when it comes to Salesforce, it’s crucial to have a designated administrator.