Change Ahead

Salesforce Implementation: Be the Change

Change management is all about transitioning people, teams and organizations to a desired future state. There are many models of change management, but they all have several elements in common - creating awareness of the change, involving others in the change, making the transition and reinforcing the change. Successful change happens when all elements are addressed.

Naming Salesforce Cloud for Good
Best Practices

User Adoption: Naming Your Salesforce

Naming software and software releases is a fairly common practice now. Operating systems are no longer just numbers they are Cheetah, Jaguar, Mountain Lion, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Beans. Incorporating a name like these allows you to have an easier connection with the software and the user base. This can enable the releases to be memorable and this creates opportunities for interesting marketing visuals. Even though your instance of Salesforce is internal to your business having a memorable name that allows your users to connect to it is worth exploring.


Salesforce1 Mobile App

The possibilities are endless with Salesforce1, the Salesforce mobile app which gives you access to your data allowing you to continue to add and improve upon the data in your system, and to use that data to further your mission, all with the tap or swipe of your finger!

Salesforce Introduces LIghtning

Get Connected, Lightning Fast

What if I told you that Lightning Connect enables you to create a real-time integration in an amount of time best measured by hours not days? Not only that, what if I told you it could be done with just clicks not code?

Best Practices

Salesforce Nonprofit Dashboards: Not Just For Fundraising

If you’ve made the jump to Salesforce, your fundraisers are probably already using dashboards to quickly evaluate the health of their donation pipeline, track the progress of major gifts, and keep donors moving up the engagement ladder. Salesforce lends itself very naturally to reporting on financial data, and it’s often the first kind of data administrators think to invest in reporting on first. But there’s so much more you can do with dashboards! Reporting on finances is only the first step along the way to using dashboards to help you accomplish your mission.

Salesforce Introduces LIghtning

Lightning Strikes Dreamforce – What It Means for Your Organization

What is Salesforce Lightning, and why is it important? Fundamentally, Lightning is a set of tools that allow organizations to customize the way they use Salesforce to an even greater extent than is already possible (which is already quite a lot). There are four pieces of the Lightning framework that are, or will soon be, available: App Builder, Lightning Components, Lightning Process Builder and Lightning Connect.