Donation History for Customer Communities

Watch this short demo to learn more about the application

What is it?

The Constituent Donation History for Customer Community application provides an easy, self-service way for your donors, members and supporters to see and edit information from the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) about their households, household members, recurring donations and historical donations.

How does it work?

Composed of several Lightning Components, the application can be deployed as a simple page that can be dropped into an existing Customer Community, or individual components can be deployed on existing pages as needed.

The application’s components are built with the Salesforce Lightning Framework, so they can be embedded within a page that contains other custom functionality that you’ve created for your organization – like Tax receipt requests or online donation forms – providing your organization with the flexibility it needs to meet your requirements.

Administrators can customize what fields are displayed on the components and the labels that are displayed to the user, ensuring the information presented makes sense for your constituents and your organization.

Can it fit into my existing data updating policies?

Because we know that different organizations have different policies around updates to information, we’ve created a simple Update Request function that allows the user to create a request, which will create an activity task on the appropriate record.

Standard Salesforce process automation can then be used to assign the task to different users, define follow-up reminders, and ensure that requests are processed in a timely fashion.

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