Leveraging Salesforce Sites to manage online nomination and application processes and centralizing information across multiple departments


The New Memphis Institute (formerly Leadership Academy) recruits, cultivates and engages diverse talent in order to drive Memphis forward. The Institute delivers programs that empower individuals and inspires them to further develop the strengths of the city.


  • “Our main challenge was consolidating all our data sources to one reliable system that everyone can access and update” said Rod Moses, Director of the Fellows program. “We needed a comprehensive and easy to use tool to manage our fellows, masters program, communication efforts, partners, alumni and more.”
  • The organization spent a lot of time comparing different excel spreadsheets and updating them. “Each staff member spent at least 30 minutes every day trying to find information” stated Moses.
  • “We collect a lot of information from our applicants and participants and needed to run complex reports, however, we could not do that because we had a paper application process tracked in multiple locations” Explained Didi Crandel the Office Manager.


The New Memphis Institute chose Cloud for Good to implement Salesforce across the multiple departments and programs. “We tried to work with another partner before we chose Cloud for Good and the project failed. Cloud for Good was different because they wanted to first understand our needs and business processes, they had a lot of patience and delivered a great product tailored to our mission,” said Moses.

Cloud for Good used Salesforce Sites to replace the Institute’s paper application and nomination processes. Additionally, Cloud for Good configured the solution to manage the different programs the organization offers, track attendance, and measure the success of their communication efforts.

For more information about the solution watch the video below:


“We totally eliminated our paper application process that required us to print more than 2,000 documents twice a year. Now, the process is fully automated and we can focus on the important things. We are much more efficient in what we do,” said Moses. Crandel added that, “Salesforce saves me a lot of time. The robust reporting capabilities make everything much easier.”

“It was very difficult to access our information, now we have our entire network at our fingertips. We can be anywhere and feel like we are working from the office. Additionally, our staff feels much more comfortable with the data knowing that it is secured and cannot be lost.”

“Cloud for Good has done an outstanding job from the discovery to building the application, training and implementation. More importantly their availability for ongoing support has made our implementation a great success!” added Moses.